Tell me how to get consistent

Putting out content inconsistently is holding your Business Back.

tired of finding yourself here?

Staring at the blinking cursor on the blank page of a Word Doc ...

I sure was!

Each week I was telling myself that THIS was the week I would get ahead on my content ...

And each week, I'd find myself staying up late to push out that blog post, or taking hours out of my day to create content at the last second.

If this sounds familiar ... you're stuck on the content creation hamster wheel, my friend.

You've got big dreams for your business - new streams of revenue, digital offers, courses, maybe even speaking or writing a book - and on top of that, there are always a hundred projects piling up in your Trello or Asana that you just can never seem to find the time for. All because you're spending all of your time serving clients, or working on marketing. 

You create enough content to fill your client roster, and then you become so consumed with serving them well that marketing seems like the least of your worries. So you put it off, and off, and off, and all of a sudden it's been months since you've created any. But it's also time to fill that client roster again, so you get back to posting. 

Only for the cycle to repeat itself. Surely there's a way to make this entire process simpler? A way to show up consistently with your content, while also serving your people well, AND moving the needle on those big dreams and projects?

There is - and you're in the right place, my friend!

And, you're darn tired of always being in feast or famine mode with your marketing.

You know content shouldn't be so hard.

No more getting burnt out, falling behind, and skipping days or weeks of putting out content.

No more creating editorial calendar after editorial calendar in the hopes that a solid plan would help you get ahead.

No more content that's rushed, un-strategic, and sloppily thrown together.

No, this isn't a joke - you can say good-bye to content burnout and hello to only creating only once a month.

Imagine being able to create a month's worth of content in just one week.

And having 3 other weeks of the month available to work on literally anything besides creating more content. To be able to serve your clients well, create a new offer, connect with other business owners ... to have time to move the needle in your business.

Say Goodbye to the Content Creation Hamster Wheel with Content Batching 

It's time to get off the content creation hamster wheel, and start making MOVES in your business.

Content Batching Bootcamp


Learn how to create your own unique system for batching a month of content - in just one week!

Inside, We Cover ...

By the end of Content Batching Bootcamp, you'll have created your own unique system for creating a month's worth of content in just one week - so that you can jump off the content creation hamster wheel for good!


Creating Your Content Plan

Step-by-Step Guide to Batching

Batch Week Schedule

Learn to determine exactly how much copy you need to be creating each and every month to show up well.

Learn the exact steps to take, and the tools to use, to batch your content for the month.

Learn to determine what your unique batch week schedule should look like.

It gave me back my sanity.

I hesitated at first, because I had made some investments I didn't enjoy but this is by far my favorite to date.

Metrics aren't everything, but that's some heckin' growth! 

When I first started content batching, I wondered if it would be not ADHD friendly. But that didn't happen! I felt really solid. It worked amazing. I felt the MOST together.

Consistency + High-Quality Content = Engaged Audience

And do you know what an engaged audience does? They buy!

There's no secret formula to this - it works. But the problem for most business owners is finding the time to put in both pieces of the equation. You either post consistently, but you're throwing up random posts and pointless memes, or you sporadically create high-quality content when your workload is lighter or you need to bring in new clients.

This is where Content Batching Bootcamp comes in to change the game!


No more random posts. Everything you create should have a purpose and help you make sales and attract your dream clients.


Instead of wasting hours trying to cobble together high-quality content, you'll have a totally customized system that saves you major time (and stress)!


Content Batching Bootcamp students see an increase of over 1,361% in content interactions. Seriously! You'll learn how to create content that your audience loves.

After working through Content Batching Bootcamp, your content will be ....


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Okay, I'm in!


Oh! I almost forget to mention ....

Content Batching Bootcamp Bonuses! 

Content Generator Challenge

Mindset Training

Spend 10 minutes or lesson this challenge for 5 days, and you'll easily walk away with over 50 different value-packed content ideas!

There are a LOT of different myths and mindset problems floating around out there about content creation. Let's jump those hurdles!

trello board templates

From my secret to never running out of content ideas to my exact content creation workflow, these Trello boards are yours to swipe!

advanced steps training

Once you've completed the course and got batching under your belt, speed up the process further by implementing these tips!

instant access to past live calls

Access to future live rounds

You can find all replays of past coaching calls inside of the continuing education library! (Even ones you weren't around for!)

Every now and then we need routine resets. When live rounds of the course are hosted in the future, you'll have a ticket to them all!

The Chasing Simple Shop has a 14-day any-reason refund policy. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, I'll work with you to make it right.

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Nicole vidauarre, blogger, organized chaos

Content Batching Bootcamp is a must for anyone who produces content but feels like they just can't catch up!

I especially love how Amanda tailors her concepts to YOUR business and lifestyle. It is not a one-size fits all model, so it can work for anyone. If you are looking to create a content creation schedule that actually works and frees up time to focus on other areas of your business, I highly recommend Content Batching Bootcamp!

If you are feeling dread or anxiety around creating social media content ....

... and wishing you had more time for other, more important things in your business, then you NEED to take Amanda's Content Batching Bootcamp.

- Jennifer Gregson, Virtual Assistant

CBB immediately teaches you practical skills tha will genuinely make a big impact on your business.

Learning to batch content has been by far the best thing I could have done to make the most of what little time I have for blogging as a stay at home mom.

- Sarah, Blogger of Sarah Ever After

I spent 3000 CAD on another program and it was a real let down.

What Amanda taught me in Content Batching Bootcamp is what I was hoping to learn in that program. The actual steps to creating the content, and the how. What an incredible program she's created. I'm so glad I took the leap and joined. 

-  Veronica Green ECE, BPE, Early Years Expert

CBB is for you if ...

CBB is not for you if ...

You've tried batching in the past, but haven't been able to make it work.

Creating content seems to take a million years, and is never ending all at the same time.

You don't have any time leftover each week to work on tasks to move the needle in your business.

You're frustrated, feeling like your business is standing in place, and wish you had someone to show you the way to quick and efficient content batching.

You're looking for a magic fix.

You want to hand off your marketing to an expert.

You're looking for help knowing what to write, or content strategy. 

meet your strategist!

I'm Amanda — a content-batching, time-saving, Disney-loving content marketing expert.

I'm obsessed with smart time management, and simplified marketing. In fact, I quite literally wrote a book on it! (Chasing Simple Marketing can be found in an Amazon cart near you😉)

As a small business owner, I realized how important it was to be consistent with high-quality content, but also how difficult it was to do that alongside everything else on my plate. So I did what I do best - created a time-saving, content batching system.

Now I get to help successful small business owners like you show up consistently, save time, and grow their business with a content batching system that's customized for their business and lifestyle.

I can't wait to see what consistent, high-quality content will do for your business!

Proudly Serving

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I've got kids at home and life is kind of chaotic. Will this actually help?

Still on the fence?

Your Most Popular Questions - Answered!

I can't calm your kids, but you can consider me your simplicity fairy godmother. We're going to get you set up for success with a system that works - and saves you major time - so you can spend more time with your kids and less time with that "I should be working" guilt in the back of your mind.

I prefer to post in the moment when I'm feeling inspired. Can this help me?

The system taught inside Content Batching Bootcamp teaches you how to capture and use those moments of inspiration, while helping you save time. It's the best of both worlds!

I've tried batching before and it didn't work. How is this different?

You're not alone! The majority of CBB students had the exact same experience. There are tons of content experts out there who try to show you their way of batching. It worked for them, so they assume it will work for you. 

But that's just not true.

I don't teach you my way to batch content - I teach you a framework that's built on simplifying, saving time, and being strategic. And then I help you figure out how to customize that framework to your lifestyle, business, goals, and workstyle.

Basically, Content Batching Bootcamp is your glass slipper - designed to fit your business and no one else's.

What if I don't have time to devote an entire week to batching each month?

This system is completely customizable - whether you have 5 hours a week to work, or 40, you'll learn how to create a batching system that works for your own time constraints.

It takes me hours to create a single blog post or YouTube video. Can you seriously help me create a month's worth of content in less than one week?

YES. I've got an entire lesson in the course that teaches you exactly how to stop spending hours on a single piece of content and start batching like a pro. I promise you will save time and create better content when you implement what you learn.

How long will it take to go through the course?

You can work through the course material in a matter of just a couple of hours - allowing you to immediately get started on working through your own batch week! However, you get lifetime access so you can go back through and pick up more details and improvements as you feel ready to improve your batch week processes.

HAven't answered your question?

I'd love to help! Just shoot me an email at I'm happy to answser your questions and help you determine if CBB is truly for you.

After taking Content Batching Bootcamp, students have been able to ...

  • Show up for their audience on a consistent basis.
  • Reach a wider audience, and see and increase of over 1,361% in their content interactions.
  • Receive more traffic to their websites.
  • Increase affiliate revenue.
  • Create new revenue streams, start taking on 1:1 clients, creating their own courses, and more!
  • Feel calmer and more prepared, thanks to creating a plan of attack.
  • Grow their revenue and income.
  • Gained time back in their day-to-day lives.
  • Spend 3 weeks each month moving the needle in their business.
  • Be present for their families instead of being worried about content.
  • And so much more!

Here's exactly what my students are saying

Is it worth it?

Still not sure? Take a peek inside the course itself!

Say goodbye to content burnout, and hello to once-a-month creation!

Make time for needle-moving tasks

laura murrary, graphic designer, laura murray creative

My week of content batching took me 1/2 day each day that week.

And I STILL had time left over to do my usual client work. I used to stress out SO BAD when it was time to create my content, but now I've got a better plan and can manage my time better and make it happen with MUCH less stress.