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Simplify your marketing, build your network, and take ACTION on what you're learning.


Take Action

Education without action isn't going to move the needle for your business, so The Community is intentionally crafted to encourage action week after week!

Build Relationships

A key, but often overlooked, part of increasing revenue is having a thriving network. Which is why The Community encourages getting to know each other and our businesses.

Simplify Marketing

My mission is to make marketing simpler for small business owners, and everything we do inside The Community is based on that premise of stepping away from overwhelm.

3 Pillars of Chasing Simple Marketing: The Community

Our unique quarterly themes system was designed to uphold the three pillars - giving you the opportunity to learn, yes, but also to take action on what you're learning! 

Each quarter will have it's own theme, and within each quarter you'll experience: 

→ Instead of needing to fumble through logging into the membership portal, you can access each week's episode in your favorite podcasting app!

→ Listen on the go so that you can find the time to listen with ease. (And use your at-your-desk time for taking ACTION!) 

→ Episodes are intentionally short and each week you're given a single action step to take to support your progress on the quarter's theme.

Why a Podcast?

I grew tired of being part of memberships that had great education that I could never find the time for. 

Inside of The Community, you'll have access to our weekly private podcast where you can listen with ease and without a large chunk of your precious time.

Simplified Education

Connection & Community

Every Tuesday we'll spend time together connecting with each other, and dipping our toes into learning and taking initial action steps.

Networking Call. This call is purely a chance to get to know other members (aka an incredible opportunity to get your business out there!). 

Office Hours. Twice a month I host open office hours where you can drop in to ask questions, get feedback, or have content/copy reviewed. 

MiniMinds. Once a quarter we have a MiniMind call where members come to brainstorm, move past roadblocks, and bounce ideas off of each other.

What you can expect:

Intentional Action

With each private podcast episode giving you action steps to take, you'll have exactly what you need to intentionally take action towards the quarter's goal - not simply ideas that languish in your brain.

what you can expect:

Feedback & Improvement. Fast Pass Tier members can submit content for feedback and review each week, but Pixie Dust Tier members can utilize our Slack channel to get feedback from each other!

Silent Coworking. It's easy to put a task on your to-do list, but it's not always easy to get to it. Which is why we'll have silent coworking calls, so that you can set aside at least one hour to work on that quarter's action steps!

→ At the end of the quarter, you'll have not only learned about a new way to improve your marketing, but you'll have taken action to implement what you've learned! 

i'm all in!

Monthly Payments of $147

  • Everything included in the Pixie Dust tier.

  • Quarterly 1:1 calls with Amanda.

  • Weekly content review & feedback.

  • First access to Amanda's VIP days.

And more!

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Fast Pass tier

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Monthly Payments of $27

Get started for $27 

Pixie Dust tier

  • Actionable resources, checklists, etc.

  • Audio trainings to listen to on the go.

  • Quarterly challenges and prizes.

  • Networking, silent coworking, and minimind calls.

  • Guest expert interviews.

And more!

The Chasing Simple Shop has a 14-day any-reason refund policy. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, I'll work with you to make it right.

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meet your strategist!

I'm Amanda — a content-batching, time-saving, Disney-loving content marketing expert.

I'm obsessed with smart time management, and simplified marketing. In fact, I quite literally wrote a book on it! (Chasing Simple Marketing can be found in an Amazon cart near you😉)

As a small business owner, I realized how important it was to be consistent with high-quality content, but also how difficult it was to do that alongside everything else on my plate. So I did what I do best - figured out how to make marketing systematically simpler.

Now I get to help successful small business owners like you show up consistently, save time, and grow their business with marketing efforts that make a big difference, without taking a lot of time.

I can't wait to see what consistent, high-quality content will do for your business!

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