Tired of spending time and energy on content creation without the return?

It's time to stop shouting into the void, throwing out content just to get it out, and start creating strategic content that will fill the seats in your course or program

You’ve got a Trello board filled with ideas, Powersheets full of goals, and a miles long to-do list — all in the name of growing your business.

But just when you sit down to really dig in, you remember that you need to get this week’s podcast recorded, and oh yeah – you still need to post on Instagram at some point today. 

Suddenly, it’s 5 o’clock and you found yourself spending most of the day on content creation …. again … maybe tomorrow you’ll get to all of those big ideas.

You’ve dreamed of seeing major growth in your business … but your days seem to spin out of your control faster than the teacups at Disney — it makes you just as nauseous (but without the fun + exciting atmosphere).

If you could JUST get a handle on your content, you’d finally have time to make moves.

You could serve your clients well, show up for your audience, AND take some time off.

If you're ready to get off the content creation hamster wheel...

Let’s make your content marketing fit into your business, without it taking over your business.

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just $500/month

custom created content marketing strategy

quarterly calls and updates to your strategy and plans

strategic launch planning for courses, digital products, and 1:1 services  

Custom Content Marketing Strategy

Looking to launch a course or program? Want to make sure the content you’re putting out is leading your audience towards investing?  Need help creating a strategic plan for what to put out and when? 

This is for you if:

💻You struggle with using your content marketing to build interest in your course

💻You aren’t sure how to determine a strategy for your content marketing, and find yourself throwing out random content just to put something out there

💻You’re so swamped that you don’t have time to be strategic 

💻You’re unclear about what to say that would actualy make an impact

I’m currently fully booked for 2022 clients, but you can apply to the waitlist to be among the first to know when 2023 spaces open in November!

Club Content Batching

Tired of being stuck between throwing out last-minute content, and not showing up for your audience? Wish you could take some time off without going radio silent? Looking to have time and space to create content that will make your audience say “wow!”?

Get ready to say good-bye to content burnout — and say hello to once-a-month creation!

Part course, part group-coaching program – Club Content Batching is your comprehensive guide for growing your income and your audience. Inside, you’ll learn to create a month’s worth of content in less time, and get the accountability to need to show up month after month.

Yearly Planning Workshop

Dreaming of a planned out 2022 content calendar? Want to know what to talk about and when? 

Snag A Year in Preview, an on-demand workshop where I’ll walk you through how to plan a content calendar that moves the needle in your business, without interfering with the rest of your life.

Not only will I walk you through each step to take, but you’ll also have the time to implement during the workshop.

You’ll walk away from this two hour event with a promo, launch, and content plan for all of 2022!

Content Prompts

Do you struggle to know what to say when it’s time to sit down and create content? Wish someone would just tell you what to talk about?

Check out my Year of Prompts! This Trello Board is full of enough prompts to keep your content flowing all year long for your podcast, YouTube channel, blog, email newsletter, AND social media content! 

And the best part? All of the prompts were carefully crafted to ensure that you’re packing mega-value for your audience. You won’t find any “Happy Donut Day!” type prompts here!

  • We exceeded my goals! I loved how easy it is to talk to you, how quickly you saw what wasn’t working, how you work with what I’ve got and simplify everything!

    – Lexy Davis, Alive to Enjoy
  • I feel so much calmer and more focused now. I’m not distracted worrying about what needs to be done for my blog or how far behind I am. During the day I can focus on my job as a mom and during blog time I can focus on meaningful tasks that will bring real results.

    – Sarah Hunt, Sarah Ever After
  • I went from feeling guilty all-the-time because when I was playing with my kids I felt like I should be working and vice-versa.  With the tools Amanda provided, I was able to stop feeling pulled in so many different directions because I finally had clarity around my day.

    – Ciara Samana
  • I was looking for ways to do more in my business, but conserve my energy for my family and me. I now work faster. I put up more boundaries on my time. I’ve learned to say no more often. I’ve freed up my schedule to add more white space. I’ve gotten more realistic about my schedule so I don’t wind up frustrated or running myself ragged. I give my kids and husband my best self, rather than the tired, drained side of me.

    – Darcie Milfeld, Greenbites Project

Oh, and who am i?

Hi there! I’m Amanda — simplicity-focused content marketing strategist. I’m also the host of Chasing Simple – a podcast to help creative entrepreneurs uncomplicate their life and biz, and Chasing Simple: The Summit – a summit created to help course creators leverage their content marketing and build an engaged audience.

Classroom teacher turned two-time business owner, my mission is to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs fit marketing into their business without it taking over their business.

I traded in my lesson plans for speaking and educating creative entrepreneurs, and I spend my time helping 1:1 clients create content marketing plans and teaching my students to batch their content so that they have time to move the needle in their business and find work/life balance.

If my nose isn’t in a book, you can likely find me annoying my husband by slipping Disney into every conversation, or annoying my cats by forcing them to snuggle me.

I’m really glad that you’ve found your way to my little corner of the internet, and I look forward to helping you get off the content creation hamster wheel once and for all!