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The Chasing Simple Retreat

Sept. 6 -8, 2024

Join the Course Launch Mastermind, and you'll have your course launched by the end of our six months together!

Ready to Create & Launch Your Course?

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You know that the next logical step is to create an online course, and launch it into the world so that you can move away from serving your people on a one to one basis, and start moving towards serving your people on a one to many basis.

But you're so busy serving your clients, and keeping the day to day going in your business, that you don't have the time to do all of the things you need to do launch a course.

Deciding your course topic
Researching how to create a course
Creating the course
Researching how to launch a course 
Deciding your launch strategy
Creating your marketing materials
Setting up a waitlist 
Driving people to the waitlist
Setting up the back end technology to sell the course 
Selling the course
Delivering the course
Analyzing the launch data

... the to do items seem to go on, and on, and you know that with each one you'll not only have to do the steps, but research what exactly those steps should look like, and what the best way to do them will be for you and your business.

And you're ready to start scaling your business

You love working with your clients, but your plate is full ...

If just reading this makes you panic - don't worry. I'm here to walk you ever step of the way with ....

The Course Launch Mastermind

This 6-month curriculum-based mastermind is designed for busy entrepreneurs who are ready to create and launch a course, but know their time is limited.

I'm here to significantly cut back the time you'd need to work on getting your course into the world by guiding you, and a small group of other entrepreneurs, step-by-step in creating and launching your course.

With weekly meetings, guest experts, and an in-person retreat, we will take your course from idea to launched - together.

The intentional small group setting, the curriculum, and the 1:1 attention from me, your coach, were all created to give you the education, the accountability, the community, and the high-level coaching you need to walk away from our time together with your course officially out into the world, and a plan in place for your next launch. 

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During our six months together, we're going to cover every aspect you need for a successful course launch, including: 

+ Setting Realistic Launch Goals
+ Creating Your Course Messaging
+ Preparing for Your Launch Runway, and it's 5 Phases
+ Creating Your 3 Part Launch List
+ Creating Your Launch Messaging
+ Writing Your Copy and Content
+ Creating Your Marketing Materials
+ Outlining Your Course Curriculum 
+ Learning my Teaching Strategy for Ongoing Momentum in Your Launches
+ Your Sales Page
+ Your Launch Itself
+ Post Launch Analysis

And so much more! If it needs to happen to prepare for your launch, it's going to be covered in our weekly calls together.

These six months will walk you through it all

From Idea to Launched

You're committed to showing up and doing the work each week

You want someone to tell you what to do and when, so that you can skip the research phase of planning your launch

You have a vague idea of what your course topic might be 

You're a service-based business owner ready to expand into working on 1:many offers

This is for you if ...

what's included?

What's Included?

We'll start each call with a quick check in on the previous week's action steps, move into a lesson on the new action steps, and end with hot seat time for each member of the cohort for brainstorming.

6 months of coaching, with weekly calls

October - April

Between calls, you'll have unlimited access to get all of your questions answered, work through blocks, and continue brainstorming with me during my office hours. 

For one hour after our weekly calls, you'll be able to reach me immediately, if you choose to set aside that hour to work on that week's action steps.

Unlimited Voxer Access During Office Hours

1:1 Voxer Access

You and I will connect for 3 different 1:1 calls throughout our time together - giving you plenty of 1:1 access to me and individualized coaching.

Beginning, Middle, and End

Three 1:1 Calls

In February, we'll get together as a group for a three night in-person retreat where we'll combine work and play for an incredible time together! (Accommodations and Meals Included in your Mastermind Registration)

Historic Aiken, SC

In-Person Retreat

No community would be complete without a place for us all to connect between calls! We'll have a Voxer group thread for continued encouragement, questions, and group brainstorming.

Community Between Calls

Voxer Group Thread

While my background in education, and experience planning launches for myself and my clients is going to sail us through the majority of the 6 months together, I will be bringing in a handful of educators to enhance your launch further.

Already confirmed: Emily Conley, Copywriter and Octavia Elease, Web Designer 

Enhancing Your Launch

Guest Educators

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$5,000 for the 6 Months

* Payment payments are available. Accommodations and meals for the in-person retreat are included.

+ 6 months of group coaching, with weekly calls
+ Weekly action steps to keep you on track
+ Unlimited Voxer access during office hours
+ Three 1:1 Calls 
+ In-Person Retreat
+ Voxer Group Thread
+ Access to Guest Educators!

what's included

Our coaching calls happen over Zoom! Each call is 90 minutes, every week. We'll also check in and communicate regularly over Voxer!

The Course Launch Mastermind

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If you are accepted into this cohort, you'll receive an email with your welcome brochure, contract, and invoice. Just sign, and pay your deposit and you're officially in! 

Step three: Sign the Contract

To ensure that we aren't overlapping audiences during our launches, only one expert per industry/niche will be accepted into the mastermind. I'll be reviewing applications based on order of submission, but also with the group dynamic in mind.

Step Two: Application Review

If you're interested in being part of this cohort of the Course Launch Mastermind, go ahead and apply now. Applications are open from September 9th through September 30th.

If that date has passed, I encourage you to sign up for the waitlist for the next cohort. You'll be notified when applications open!

Step One: Apply!

How This Works ...

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Book a call

Want to Talk It Over?

I've opened up space on my calendar to chat with potential applicants - that's you! - 1:1 over Zoom. That way, you can have any and all of your questions answered, and feel more confident about your decision to apply! 


meet your strategist!

I'm Amanda — speaker, educator, podcast host, and content marketing strategist.

I traded in my classroom lesson plans for speaking and educating creative entrepreneurs on sustainably fitting content marketing into their business, without it taking over their business - so that you have time to grow your business.

When I'm working, you can find me working with 1:1 clients on their marketing strategy and copy or helping my students simplifying their marketing and launches.

And when I'm not, you can find me spending time outside with my husband, reading in my hammock, watching Gamecock sports, or forcing my cats to snuggle me.


"Having someone else's perspective is huge - because I'm a one woman show - but I need hand holding for accountability more than anything else." — Kate Taramykin, Brand Photographer

"I can come up with a plan ... but I don't do it."

"While we often have concepts and ideas, she was able to make a cohesive series of podcast episodes with clear, natural (aka unforced) calls-to-action for our listeners. Amanda is really amazing at weaving together her knowledge of your business, your audience, and your work habits." — Nicole Boucher & Yasmine Spencer, Pixie Dust & Profits

"Amanda took a large portion of the content ideation and tasking off our hands." 

"Working with Amanda on content creation and strategy helped me narrow my niche, focus my messaging so I was reaching the right clients, and allowed me to have more fun each month on actually making my content." - Jennifer Gregson, Tarot Coach for Writers

"My favorite part was brainstorming ideas and see the data/analysis."

"My revenue has increased over twice from last year. Yes, there are a lot of factors, but I think related to our work together - the confidence I got working with Amanda and leaning into my authentic voice in marketing was crucial to my growth." — Amy Scott, Financial Coach for Badass, Purpose-Driven Women

"Now I have a clear plan and I trust myself to execute the plan."

"Before working with Amanda I took it month by month without much of a big plan. I would switch ideas and plans if I didn't feel like something was working. With Amanda, a more detailed plan held me accountable to the big vision. My messaging became more focused." — Abby Myette, Success Coach for Busy Women

"Working with Amanda made marketing something I didn't dread."

"Working with Amanda was by far the best investment I have made in my business. She is so well organized, thought out, and helpful in her services. I truly never felt like I was alone when working on my goals or when I was in the middle of launching." — Mindy Hancock, Coach for Anxious, Overachieving Women

"I felt so much more planned, strategic, and put together in my business."

"I was looking for ways to do more in my business, but conserve my energy for my family and me. I've learned to say no more often. I've freed up my schedule to add more white space. Now I give my kids and husband my best self, rather than the tired, drained side of me." — Darcie M., Green Bites Project

"I give my kids and husband my best self, rather than the tired, drained side of me."

"I feel so much calmer and more focused now. I'm not distracted worrying about what needs to be done for my blog or how far behind I am. During the day I can focus on my job as a mom and during blog time I can focus on meaningful tasks that will bring results." — Sarah H., Sarah Ever After Blog

"I can focus on meaningful tasks that will bring results."

What would it be like if you had a course you could easily launch to your audience?

At the end of our 6 months together, you'll have exactly that. The course itself, and a launch strategy that you can use to rinse and repeat to get in front of new audience members and sell that course.

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