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Amanda is a simplicity-focused content marketing strategist, author of Chasing Simple Marketing, and host of Chasing Simple - a podcast to help creative entrepreneurs uncomplicate their marketing and business.

She traded in her classroom lesson plans for speaking and educating creative entrepreneurs on sustainably fitting content marketing into their business without it taking over their business - so that you have time to grow your business.

While working, you can find Amanda working with 1:1 clients on their marketing strategy and copy, or helping her students simplify their marketing and launches.

And when she's not working, you can find her spending time outside with her husband, Russell, reading in the hammock, or forcing her cats to snuggle me.

Professional Media Bio

Amanda would be honored to speak at your event!

With more than a decade of experience in education ... 

"I was blown away by the way that Amanda took something I'd heard so many times and broke it down in a new way. I had never had someone teach content creation in such a straightforward step-by-step way." - Attendee

"I never had someone teach content creation in such a straightforward step-by-step way."

Everyone loved her simplified approach to content creation! It really got their wheels turning, and pushed them to get out of their own head! - Laylee Emadi

"I was hoping to get my group out of a content creating 'rut' and into motion!"

"If you are looking for a speaker or educator for your event, Amanda will not only give a presentation that helps move your audience forward but gives them tools to keep doing the work that matters long after." - Taryn Jerez

"Amanda will not only give a presentation that helps move your audience forward but gives them tool to keep doing the work."

Amanda's presentation, poise, and insight on content creation completely changed my perspective on batch work! Implementing the processes and structure she shared in one simple and easily digestible presentation has pushed me to stay better organized and consistent in the development of content for my brand! I couldn't sing higher praises of Amanda's knowledge when it comes to simplifying your workflow and life! - Haylee Gaffin

"Amanda's present, poise, and insight on content creation completely changed my perspective on batch work!"

Amanda takes complicated topics that most people get so confused about and turns them into easy-to-understand, step-by-step lessons. She's the perfect mix of fun and educational and is one of my most requested speakers from every event. She's a dream to work with and I'll have her back again and again! - Hayley Luckadoo

"[She] is one of my most requested speakers from every event."

The presentation itself was really informative and not just surface level information like I see often so I was thrilled with Amanda's presentation. - Jenny Suneson

"Amanda had a wonderful presentation and I got a ton of great feedback from our attendees about it!"

Amanda was present in the chat room of the presentation and her engagement with the attendees was well-recieved. - Mat Casner

"Her personality is warm and personable and easy to listen to."

Amanda values business sustainability as much as I do. It is refreshing to work with someone with the same values. - Sabrina Gebhardt, Sabrina Gebhardt Photography

"This information is a game-changer for how you will look at content creation in your business in the future."

Content Strategy Planning Workshop

signature talks:

Create Consistent Content & Turn Lurkers into Clients

Curating a Launch Strategy that Makes Selling Simple

As a business owner, you likely feel like you never have enough time to get it all done. Coming up with the ideas, administrative tasks, financials, providing services, client/customer communication, not to mention your life outside of work …. who has time for marketing?

And yet, marketing is key for getting new faces through your door, and one of the greatest ways to market yourself is through free to low-cost content marketing.

The only problem? Staying consistent is a struggle, and very quickly it comes down to two choices: 1) Post if and when you can, or 2) Spend all your time creating content. Neither is ideal, and honestly, both are more harmful than helpful.

Luckily there IS a better way, and it’s absolutely possible to get consistent without it taking up all of your time. I’ve taught over 100 women my signature system for doing just that, and they’ve been able to create new streams of income, spend more time with their families, and even see their bottom line increase because of it.


1) Learn the key factor your content MUST have in order to build know, like, and trust with your audience
2) Uncover 3 strategies for simplifying your content creation.
3) Walk away with actionable ways to find content inspiration and ideas, and know what to say in your content.

Ideal Audience:

Business owners that are solopreneurs, and/or are doing most of the work in their business on their own. They are either just starting out, or are semi-established but find themselves in feast or famine mode when it comes to marketing their business. 

Ideal Format: 

This talk works well for summits, and in-person events. Can be shortened to fit into a 20 minute talk, or lengthened for a full 45 minute talk.

Creating content is one thing, but getting strategic with it? That’s an entirely other ball game. What are you supposed to post about? When should you post? Where?! There’s a lot to consider, and when it comes to strategic content, most people either put out nothing at all because they’re so overwhelmed, or they end up just putting out anything.

Which brings me to my content planning workshop – during this hour, I’ll walk attendees through exactly how I craft a strategic and intentional content marketing plan to put out content that will help fill seats in their client roster. This hands-on workshop involves more than just theory. Attendees learn my signature system for strategic content planning, as well as walk away with a completed content plan for the next quarter.


1) Creating a calendar that supports their life and THEN their business.
2) Reconnect with goals in order to align their content with those goals.
3) Creating a launch runway.
4) Finding content inspiration.
5) Monthly planning and creation steps.

Ideal Audience:

Business owners that are established enough to have seasons in their business. They have enough structure and format set up in their business that they need a calendar that guides their content, and are doing more than just creating content in their business - i.e. they have services, digital products, and/or other offers. 

Ideal Format:

This talk works best in a workshop style (whether in-person or online), with 60 to 90 minutes being it's ideal length. 

Preparing to launch your upcoming course, digital product, or service? Want to ensure that your audience is prepared to say "YES!" before you even open the doors?

You need a launch strategy that preps your audience well. During this talk, I share the missing piece of most launch runways, how to know what to talk about and when during your launch, exactly how to prep your audience well, AND how to use a waitlist to create momentum long before the doors open and the launch actually begins.

Attendees will walk away with a complete content marketing strategy for their upcoming launch. 


1) Learn the 3 sections of a launch runway, and the types of content you should be creating and putting out during each of them.
2) Understand how to dig into your messaging to create content that prepares and primes your audience to buy from you during your next launch.
3) Get the secret to my signature waitlist strategy - the one that builds hype around your launch, and create momentum before doors even open.

Ideal Audience:

Business owners that have a decent handle on putting out content consistently already, and are ready to curate a launch surrounding an upcoming offer that will prime their audience to buy. 

Ideal Format: 

This talk works well for summits, in-person events, or mastermind groups. Can be shortened to fit into a 20-minute talk, or lengthened for a full 45 to 60 minute talk.

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