simplicity-focused strategy designed to build relationships with your audience through content

1:1 Content Marketing Strategy

You've got clients to serve, digital offers to create and launch, and a business to run. You understand the importance of content marketing (hello, low-cost high-impact!), but it's not your "thing". And frankly, you barely have time to create the content, let alone think strategically about how what you should be creating.

If only someone could just give you marching orders.

You'd love nothing more than to have someone else tell you what to talk about, and when and where to show up. To give you a plan that you can execute on (or hand off to your team members to execute on for you!). To worry about what matters, and what doesn't. And to think strategically about how to best position your content so that you're continuing to building and nurture relationships with your audience that will convert.

i see you...

You're tired of the never ending content  hamster wheel, and you want to do your work without worrying about marketing. 

Rather than hand over a generic content plan, we'll meet together so that I can intimately get to know your business, your mission, and your messaging. This also allows you to give feedback as we create so that you never look at your plan and think "this isn't me, and not what I want to be talking about".

done with you

If you're looking for someone to help with going viral, or seeing mega-growth, I'm not the strategist for you. My focus is to help you build relationships with the audience you already have. Will that lead to growth? Absolutely. But this strategy is setting you up for consistency and sustainability instead of worrying about virality.

relationship oriented

From when and where you're posting, to your messaging, your content plan will be created in full through the lens of simplicity. This benefits not only you (or your team), but your audience as well.


3 Ways My Approach is Different...

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Clarity around their messaging and offers.

Consistency in their content.

Accountability to stick to a plan.

Increased revenue.

More engagement from their audience.

More successful launches.

More time and capacity to work on their business goals.

Results my clients see...

"Working with Amanda was by far the best investment I have made in my business. She is so well organized, thought out, and helpful in her services. I truly never felt like I was alone when working on my goals or when I was in the middle of launching." — Mindy H.

"I felt so much more planned, strategic, and put together in my business."

Say goodbye to wasted time that feels like shouting into the void and throwing out content just to get it out there.

You will feel empowered to stick to your marketing plans, and show up on a consistent basis 

feel empowered

Stick to your zone of genius, and use the mental capacity (and time) you'll get back to work on those needle moving projects collecting dust on your Trello or Asana boards.

As the CEO of your business, you've got bigger and better things to do than focus on your marketing.

save your sanity

And building an engaged audience that you have a relationship with is what will ultimately fill seats in your service, course, or program!

Consistent, strategic content is what builds know, like, and trust with your audience members

build relationships


"Having someone else's perspective is huge - because I'm a one woman show - but I need hand holding for accountability more than anything else." — Kate Taramykin, Brand Photographer

"I can come up with a plan ... but I don't do it."

"While we often have concepts and ideas, she was able to make a cohesive series of podcast episodes with clear, natural (aka unforced) calls-to-action for our listeners. Amanda is really amazing at weaving together her knowledge of your business, your audience, and your work habits." — Nicole Boucher & Yasmine Spencer, Pixie Dust & Profits

"Amanda took a large portion of the content ideation and tasking off our hands." 

"Working with Amanda on content creation and strategy helped me narrow my niche, focus my messaging so I was reaching the right clients, and allowed me to have more fun each month on actually making my content." - Jennifer Gregson, Tarot Coach for Writers

"My favorite part was brainstorming ideas and see the data/analysis."

"My revenue has increased over twice from last year. Yes, there are a lot of factors, but I think related to our work together - the confidence I got working with Amanda and leaning into my authentic voice in marketing was crucial to my growth." — Amy Scott, Financial Coach for Badass, Purpose-Driven Women

"Now I have a clear plan and I trust myself to execute the plan."

"Before working with Amanda I took it month by month without much of a big plan. I would switch ideas and plans if I didn't feel like something was working. With Amanda, a more detailed plan held me accountable to the big vision. My messaging became more focused." — Abby Myette, Success Coach for Busy Women

"Working with Amanda made marketing something I didn't dread."

"Working with Amanda was by far the best investment I have made in my business. She is so well organized, thought out, and helpful in her services. I truly never felt like I was alone when working on my goals or when I was in the middle of launching." — Mindy Hancock, Coach for Anxious, Overachieving Women

"I felt so much more planned, strategic, and put together in my business."

"I was looking for ways to do more in my business, but conserve my energy for my family and me. I've learned to say no more often. I've freed up my schedule to add more white space. Now I give my kids and husband my best self, rather than the tired, drained side of me." — Darcie M., Green Bites Project

"I give my kids and husband my best self, rather than the tired, drained side of me."

"I feel so much calmer and more focused now. I'm not distracted worrying about what needs to be done for my blog or how far behind I am. During the day I can focus on my job as a mom and during blog time I can focus on meaningful tasks that will bring results." — Sarah H., Sarah Ever After Blog

"I can focus on meaningful tasks that will bring results."


$6,000 for 12 Months

* Payment payments are available. First month's deposit is due upon booking.

+ 12 months of 1:1 content strategy
+ 4 quarterly strategy sessions
+ Customized content marketing plans for each quarter
+ In-depth analytic review
+ 1:1 Voxer access to Amanda for quick coaching on the go 
+ Copy and content submission for review and feedback

what's included

Our strategy calls happen over Zoom each quarter! We'll also check in and communicate regularly over Voxer and through Honeybook!

1:1 Content Marketing Stratey


2023 spaces are currently filled, but check out my VIP day option - walk away with your entire launch strategy and marketing plan in just one day!

Voxer support, feedback and review of your copy and content, analytic reviews, and more are all included in your package. 

weekly help & support

Strategically crafted quarterly content plans that tell you what to post, where to post, when to post, and include your CTAs.

customized content plans

Every quarter we'll meet on Zoom for two hours to go over your upcoming goals and turn those into intentional content plans.

Quarterly 1:1  Calls 

What working with me is like...

Classroom teacher turned two-time business owner, my mission is to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs fit marketing into their business without it taking over their business. 

I traded in my lesson plans for speaking to and educating creative entrepreneurs, and I spend my time helping 1:1 clients create content marketing plans and teaching my students to batch their content so that they have time to move the needle in their business and build the business (and life) of their dreams.

I firmly believe that simplicity and relationship-focused marketing is what matters most when it comes to your content, your business growth, and your work/life balance.

If my nose isn't in a book, you can likely find me annoying my husband by slipping Disney into every conversation, or annoying my cats by forcing them to snuggle me. 

I'm really glad you've found my corner of the internet, and I look forward to helping you get off the content creation hamster wheel once and for all!

meet  your strategist!

I'm Amanda — speaker, educator, podcast host, and content marketing strategist.

What would it be like if your content marketing was working FOR you instead of the other way around?

Let's start creating strategic content, save you time and mental energy, and make space for you to work on moving the needle in your business while your marketing works in the background.

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