Welcome to my virtual home! I wish I could welcome you with a cup of coffee…

But instead how about I share some of my favorite tools for uncomplicating life & biz?

I made these freebies for you!

Want to start simplifying your business, but overwhelmed with where you should start? I created this quiz just for you! 

Answer 7 quick questions, and I’ll tell you exactly what part of your business you should begin with simplifying, as well as HOW!


A Quick Audio Training

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Free Club Content Batching Lesson

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Full Length Workshop

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Ready for the next step? Enroll in one of my education programs!

Club Content Batching

Join this comprehensive coaching/educational program to say good-bye to the content creation hamster wheel with my system for creating a month’s worth of content in one week!

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The A Year in Preview Workshop

Learn step-by-step how to plan out your entire year in business, and ensure that your content is aligned with your big business goals! 

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Want something quick and fast? Check out my templates:

Weekly Worfklow Trello Template

This Trello board has it all laid out for you — my exact weekly workflow, including the tasks I do on a regular basis to keep my business organized and running smoothly.

Already set up for you, but incredibly easy to customize for your unique life and business. All for just $7!

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A Year of Content Prompts

Struggle knowing what to say when it’s time to sit down and create content? 

This Trello board is full of enough prompts to keep your content flowing all year long for your podcast, YouTube channel, blog post, email newsletter, AND social media content! 

You can grab an entire year of audience-building prompts for just $37!

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If you listen to the Chasing Simple podcast, you know I devour books and read more than 100 each year.

It was a difficult task…

But I narrowed it down to my top 9 for business owners

A Solopreneur’s Gotta Have Their Tool Arsenal

Tools For Managing my biz


for housing the entirety of my business management and organization system

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for setting strong goals that matter in both life and business

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Day Designer Planner

for monthly and daily planning 

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for all things client management and communication

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how i put my marketing on autopilot


for email marketing and management 

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for Instagram scheduling 

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for Pinterest scheduling

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Andddd Everything else


for creating graphics, freebies, mockups, & more

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for domain hosting (something you hope to never think about once it’s up)

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for hosting courses and other digital product sales

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A few of my favorite lifestyle picks

01. Favorite Bible Study 

I’ve been using Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Experience Guides for the last few years and they’ve been instrumental in helping me be intentional with my bible study.

03. My Favorite Place to Shop for My Capsule Wardrobes

I love shopping well loved and gently used clothes to round out my capsules, and ThreadUp makes it simple and enjoyable.

Here’s $10 Off Your Order >>

02. Disney Movie Club

Over the last 6 years, Russell and I have signed up, completed our contract, and signed up again over and over with DMC.

Get 5 Movies for $1 (for real) >>

 04. Fré Skincare

This line is designed for women who sweat a lot whether with workouts (not me), or just in the heat (Hey there, South Carolina!).

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Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small compensation for sharing with you. This comes at no additional cost to you, and I promise to only share those things that I really do use and LOVE. My goal is to help make your life easier, and to spread a little joy with my recommendations. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.