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More than just a place to brainstorm your content, this planner was designed specifically to help you align your content with your business goals so that you can move the needle and see an increase in revenue. 

Grab your 2023 digital planner today, and either use on your tablet, or print to write in! 

2023 Chasing Simple Content Planner


Inside, you'll also find space to brainstorm, store future ideas, repurpose your content, and more!

. . . and More!

A place where you can plan the details of your content. The weekly spreads include spaces for all of the important details of your content strategy, as well as a space for goal tracking.

Weekly Spreads

What you typically think of when you think of a content planner, these monthly overviews allow you to see your entire content plan at a bird's eye view.

Monthly Overview

It's not enough to just make a plan! Once executed, you'll need to evaluate your plan in order to make the next one even better. That's where these monthly reflection pages come in.

Monthly Reflection

Before you begin adding content ideas to your calendar, these monthly prep questions are designed to ensure you're starting with your goals.

Monthly Prep

Take the goals  you've set for 2023, and begin your content planning with the Yearly Planning page. Designed to help you start with the end in mind.

Yearly Planning

Inside the 2023 Chasing Simple Content Planner

Print it out and use it analog, or pull it up on your tablet and use it digitally!

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You're ready to ensure your content is doing it's job and not wasting your time

You put out content on the fly instead of strategically planning it out

You feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning your content 

You're a small business owner that uses content marketing to grow their business

Is this right for me?

— Elizabeth, Elizabeth's Doodles

Literally my thoughts upon first scroll through "where on earth has this been my whole biz career, it's exactly what I needed!"

What customers are saying:

Classroom teacher turned two-time business owner, my mission is to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs fit marketing into their business without it taking over their business. 

I traded in my lesson plans for speaking to and educating creative entrepreneurs, and I spend my time helping 1:1 clients create content marketing plans and teaching my students to batch their content so that they have time to move the needle in their business and build the business (and life) of their dreams.

I firmly believe that simplicity and relationship-focused marketing is what matters most when it comes to your content, your business growth, and your work/life balance.

And your launches? They should be fun and exciting instead of draining and overwhelming. 

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I'm Amanda — speaker, educator, podcast host, and content marketing strategist.

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