It all started when we realized the previous owner's dog had peed on every carpet in the house ...

In order to keep our cats from doing the same, we ripped the carpet out immediately. Which left me in an office with just subflooring for MONTHS. Not the best for podcast sound quality. And putting down blankets every time I wanted to record? It got old fast. Which made me think "I've got to figure out how to record a month's worth of episodes at once instead of one at a time".

I'm Amanda — your key to consistent, strategic content marketing that doesn't take up all of your time and energy.

What I learned from that experiment has gone on to help hundreds of women batch create their content, and make space for being strategic with what they're creating as well. And I want to help you do the same!

Content marketing is an incredible marketing tool for small business owners because it's free to low-cost. There's no barrier to entry, and you can get started building an audience immediately. But what it lacks in monetary cost, it makes up for with two things:

Your mental capacity, and your time.

Which is why my mission is to help creatives fit marketing into their business without it taking over their business - so that they can move the needle on their big business dreams, take time off, and live their dream life while their marketing works for them .... all without sacrificing their time and mental energy.

And it all goes back to simplicity. 

spending more time creating than they need to, throwing out anything, and seeing no results

I see too many entrepreneurs overcomplicating their marketing

Discover how to show up consistently and create results through strategic plans.

Ready to simplify your content marketing?

The first step to a strong content marketing strategy is being consistent. Consistency builds the know, like, and trust factor with your audience ... leading to an engaged audience that actually cares about what it is that you have to say.

Once you're consistent, it's time to get serious about the strategy. Strategy won't matter if you aren't showing up and building relationships with your audience.

The key to getting started? Simplifying.

You're most likely putting too much pressure on yourself and your content. Keep it simple, and make it easier on yourself. And if you want help with keeping things simple, be sure to stick around!

Fast facts. . .

podcast episodes recorded


happy students


Content plans crafted


cat snuggles a day


I'm obsessed with . . .

Routines, checklists, and a plan to follow make my day run smoothly. Sprinkle in cat snuggles, and a good book and I'm one happy lady.

for daily self care

Walking, golfing, traveling ... being outside in any way. Bonus points if it's with my husband of eight years, Russell.

Weekend plans

Four day work weeks, two-hour lunch breaks, and the ability to disconnect from my business since my content is working for me!

can't live without



enneagram 1



weight lifting

early bird


night owl




Make a guess.  I love . . .

get to know me


"Working with Amanda was by far the best investment I have made in my business. She is so well organized, thought out, and helpful in her services. I truly never felt like I was alone when working on my goals or when I was in the middle of launching." — Mindy H.

"I felt so much more planned, strategic, and put together in my business."

"I was looking for ways to do more in my business, but conserve my energy for my family and me. I've learned to say no more often. I've freed up my schedule to add more white space. Now I give my kids and husband my best self, rather than the tired, drained side of me." — Darcie M.

"I give my kids and husband my best self, rather than the tired, drained side of me."

"I feel so much calmer and more focused now. I'm not distracted worrying about what needs to be done for my blog or how far behind I am. During the day I can focus on my job as a mom and during blog time I can focus on meaningful tasks that will bring results." — Sarah H.

"I can focus on meaningful tasks that will bring results."

"Having someone else's perspective is huge - because I'm a one woman show - but I need hand holding for accountability more than anything else." — Kate T.

"I can come up with a plan ... but I don't do it."


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