Episode 039: Conversations Over Coffee – January 2021

January 5, 2021

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 I'm so excited that you're here for this coffee and conversations january 2021 episode where I'm just chatting about the scenes of my life!

You’re listening to Chasing Simple episode 039. Hi sweet friend. I’m so excited that you’re here for this coffee and conversations episode where I’m just kind of chatting about the behind the scenes of my business – what does my life look like, what does it look like behind the scenes as I’m making decisions, what am I focusing on in my life?

In this episode, I’m talking about some house updates, a silly mistake I made in my office as I was buying and decorating, business updates, how I kind of look at my year and my quarters as far as my big quarters and slower quarters, a personal update, the show that I’m really upset that just left Netflix, and I talk a little bit about my word of the year and my goals for 2021.

I hope that you enjoy this episode. I hope it feels like we’re sitting down over coffee and just chatting and hanging out and getting to know each other. And I have an action step for you at the end that I would really love for you to complete. Alright, let’s go ahead and dive on in.

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