Episode 006: Is Isolation Stunting Your Biz Growth?

May 12, 2020

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Are you trying all the things to grow your business but not seeing the growth you expected? Isolation may be your issue! Change that, see biz growth!

You’re listening to Chasing Simple Episode 006. Welcome sweet friend!

When I first started my business, I messed up a LOT. And don’t worry – I’ll be sharing all throughout different episodes of this podcast because I really do believe in transparency, and I also really want to come alongside those of you that feel like you’re the only one struggling with this entrepreneurship thing.

But for today’s episode, I want to focus on what I believe to be one of my BIGGEST mistakes, and how changing it changed my business dramatically. I’m sharing what I did wrong, how I realized I was doing it wrong, my failed attempts at changing it, and then what actually worked. You might consider this a tell-all. Or as tell-all as you can get in less than 30 minutes! Let’s dive in.

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