Episode 033: Get Out of the Comparison Trap Today

November 24, 2020

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I'm getting very vulnerable and really opening up about exactly how the comparison trap manifested itself in my life and business.

Is the comparison trap holding you captive?

Yes, there’s a way to dig your way out of the comparison trap.

You’re listening to Chasing Simple episode 033. If you’re listening to this in real time, you might be prepping for Thanksgiving right now. Maybe you’ve got your headphones in as you cook or clean the house. Maybe you’re trying to be present and focus on your family and the holiday, but you’re inwardly fretting about your business. Trying to tell yourself to shut it off, but also feeling a little guilty that you aren’t getting some work done. Who are you to take time off when you haven’t yet gotten to a place like that one other entrepreneur that you love to follow. When you get to where she is, then you can rest. Right?

I pray that this isn’t what is going through your mind right now. I pray that you’ve never had these thoughts, and that you never will. But I spent so many years feeling this way, that I KNOW there’s someone else out there feeling like this too. I know I’m not the only one who has majorly struggled with comparison.

And yes, there are a number of other episodes that cover this topic. You might want to check out episode 009 where I talk about the 9 things I struggled with when I started my business. Or episode 006, where I go into detail about how isolation stunted my business growth. Or 015 with Nicole Boucher where we talk about the importance of experimenting. Epsiode 022 with Mindy Hancock where she shares about how to own your worth. Episode 023 – Stop Listening to All the Gurus. And even episode 029 with Elizabeth McCravy, all about embracing the early years of entrepreneurship.

There are a lot of other episodes on this topic. And if you’re struggling with comparison and being frustrated with where you are right now, I hope you’ll go listen to all of them. But today’s episode is where I’m getting very vulnerable and really opening up about exactly how comparison manifested itself in my life and business. Why it was that I was even stuck in the comparison trap. How I realized I was in it, and then what I did to try and get out of it. And finally, what I know now that I really really wish I had known then. If you struggle with that comparison and frustration, I hope this episode brings some light into your life. Let’s dive in.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • This week’s action step: List out everything you love, and figure out how they overlap.
  • This week’s book recommendation: “Grit” by Angela Duckworth
  • Find me on Instagram and tell me you completed this week’s action step: @mrsamandawarfield

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