Episode 199: Increase Sales by Getting to Know Your Audience with Nadine Nethery

February 13, 2024

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Nadine Nethery, an expert on messaging, is helping us increase sales by diving into who our audience is and what they need from us.

Increasing Sales By Getting To Know Your Audience

One of the most frequently asked questions in my annual survey is – how do I find and get to know my audience? Which, is valid, because understanding your audience is one of – if not THE- most important part of marketing.

If you don’t understand your audience, consistency won’t matter. Exciting launches won’t matter. Basically, nothing will matter. So, I brought in an expert on messaging and market research to help us dive into who our audience is and what they need from us.

Nadine Nethery is the Founder of CAN DO! Content and a strategic website and email copywriter for female founders who want to intentionally attract, delight and retain their dream customers. Her strategic take on audience research and copy turns every brand touchpoint into genuine connections that drive sales, celebrate loyalty and surround you with keen brand advocates who happily do the word-spreading for you. Over the past 7 years, Nadine has given global e-commerce success stories, game-changing startups and industry-disrupting service providers the words to shine and the strategies to build a sustainable business long-term.

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  • There are a LOT of different marketing strategies out there. from content to networking to speaking, to ads, and so many more. And with so many different marketing strategies, it’s easy to find yourself hopping from one to the next – without seeing results. Especially when you see other entrepreneurs getting results from their marketing strategies, when you aren’t seeing any from your own. After hearing from listener after listener wondering WHICH marketing strategy they should focus on, I decided to create a quiz to help you narrow down which will be best for you based on your current phase of business. Head to amandawarfield.com/quiz/ to take it, learn where you should focus your marketing energy, and start seeing results from your marketing! Again, that’s amandawarfield.com/quiz/
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  • This week’s book recommendation: Do Less by Kate Northrup
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Nadine Nethery, an expert on messaging, is helping us increase sales by diving into who our audience is and what they need from us.

Nadine Nethery is the Founder of CAN DO! Content and a strategic website and email copywriter for female founders who want to intentionally attract, delight and retain their dream customers. Her strategic take on audience research and copy turns every brand touchpoint into genuine connections that drive sales, celebrate loyalty and surround you with keen brand advocates who happily do the word-spreading for you. Over the past 7 years, Nadine has given global e-commerce success stories, game-changing startups and industry-disrupting service providers the words to shine and the strategies to build a sustainable business long-term.

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Amanda Warfield: One of the most frequently asked questions in my annual survey is how do I find and get to know my audience? Which is valid because understanding your audience is one of, if not the, most important part of marketing. If you don’t understand your audience, consistency won’t matter. Exciting launches won’t matter.

Amanda Warfield: So basically, nothing will matter. So I brought in an expert on messaging and marketing research to help us dive into who our audience is and what it is that they need from us. Nadine Nethery is the founder of CanDo Content and a strategic website and email copywriter for female founders who want to intentionally attract, delight and retain their dream customers.

Amanda Warfield: Her strategic take on audience research and copy turns every brand touchpoint into genuine connections that drive sales, celebrate loyalty, and surround you with keen brand advocates who happily do the word spreading for you. Over the past seven years, Nadine has given global e commerce success stories, game changing startups, and industry disrupting service providers the words to shine and strategies to build a sustainable business long term.

Amanda Warfield: You’re listening to episode 199 of the Chasing Simple podcast. And I’m your host, Amanda Warfield. This episode was brought to you by my book, Chasing Simple Marketing, and you can grab your own copy at amandawarfield.com/book.

Amanda Warfield: How do I find time to create content without overwhelming myself? Where should I even be showing up in my marketing? How do I come up with fresh content ideas? Where should I be focusing my marketing efforts? What is lead generation anyways, and how do I do it? Are launches still a thing? And most importantly.

Amanda Warfield: How do I put it all together to market my business strategically? Can I really grow my business without spending all of my time marketing? These are some of the questions that float around in your head when you think of marketing. Welcome friend. This is Chasing Simple, where practical marketing strategy meets simplicity.

Amanda Warfield: I’m your host, Amanda Warfield, simplicity focused content marketing and launch strategist, speaker, educator, and author of Chasing Simple Marketing. I traded in my classroom lesson plans for helping creative entrepreneurs sustainably fit marketing into their business without it taking over their business, so that they have time to grow their business, take time off, and live the life they dreamed about when they first decided to go out on their own.

Amanda Warfield: When I’m working, you can find me working with one on one clients, such as The Contract Shop and Rebecca Rice Photography on their marketing strategy and copywriting, or helping my students simplify their marketing and launches. And, when I’m not, you can find me spending time outside with my husband, Russell, reading in our hammock, watching Gamecock Sports, traveling, or forcing our cats to snuggle me.

Amanda Warfield: If you feel overwhelmed by marketing, you aren’t alone. Many entrepreneurs find marketing frustrating, overwhelming, and simply an obligation. They know they need it, but they don’t enjoy how easily it can suck up their time when what they really want to be doing is the thing that they started their business to do.

Amanda Warfield: Which is why I’m here, to help make marketing simple and less time consuming, so that you can spend less time on your marketing and more time growing your business and doing what you love. Each week I’ll bring you transparent conversations, actionable steps, and judgment free community to encourage and equip you.

Amanda Warfield: So grab yourself a cup of coffee or whatever your drink of choice is, and meet me here each week for love, support, practical tips, and advice on uncomplicating your marketing and business. Let’s do this entrepreneurship thing together, shall 

Nadine Nethery: we? 

Amanda Warfield: There are a lot of different marketing strategies out there.

Amanda Warfield: From content, to networking, to speaking, to ads, and so many more. And with so many different marketing strategies, it’s easy to find yourself hopping from one to the next. without seeing results. Especially when you see other entrepreneurs getting results from their marketing strategies, when you aren’t seeing any from your own.

Amanda Warfield: And after hearing from listener after listener wondering which marketing strategy they should focus on, I decided to create a quiz to help you narrow down Which strategies will be best for you based on your current phase of business? Head to AmandaWarfield. com slash quiz to take it. Learn where you should focus your marketing energy and start seeing results from your marketing.

Amanda Warfield: Again, that’s AmandaWarfield. com slash quiz. Hi, Nadine. I am. So excited about this conversation. Like I just mentioned before we hit record, I know that this is something that my audience has heard me talk about more than once, but I’m really excited to hear an expert’s take on the how of it, the why of it, just more in depth conversation about.

Amanda Warfield: Really getting to know your own audience, but before we get into all of that good stuff, tell us a little bit about who you 

Nadine Nethery: are and what you do. Yeah, certainly. Thanks so much for having me, Amanda. Um, can’t wait for this chat. One of my favorite topics. Um, so I’m Nadine, I am a strategic website and email copywriter for women led brands, and I’m based in Sydney, Australia, um, where I am on the outskirts, on five stunning acres and chase my three kids when I’m not.

Nadine Nethery: Busy in my copywriting cave, um, working for, for client projects. I came into copywriting like so many of us on a bit of a detour. I’ve got a background in marketing and corporate communications. So I’ve always had to find that special angle to sell a product or, um, You know, um, come up with that unique point of difference to, to really get people to, to fall in love with the brand.

Nadine Nethery: Um, and then, yeah, redundancy came along, you know, several pregnancies, as I said, and, um, that sent me on a bit of a soul searching journey to work out what I want to do, how I can have the biggest impact, um, and also find the biggest fulfillment. So yeah, it took a few years, but, um, eventually. Came into copywriting via content marketing, um, because back then, you know, social media had organic reach and actually, um, was somewhat more, um, yeah, more easy to tackle than it seems today.

Nadine Nethery: So it came into. My own business that way, and then fell in love with copywriting, went, um, and trained with some of the best copywriters because I love learning and, um, yeah, it took the full time plunge into, um, yeah, quitting my, my corporate geek in late 2020, and I’ve never looked back and nowadays I get to support amazing women.

Nadine Nethery: Um, both e commerce and service based businesses on their copywriting journey and, um, yeah, finding their voice, getting their point of difference across, and most importantly, writing copy that really speaks to the core of their dream audience. What 

Amanda Warfield: happens when we don’t truly know and understand our audience?

Amanda Warfield: How does that affect our 

Nadine Nethery: marketing? Yeah. Um, basically it means you are basing everything in your business on assumptions, because let’s face it, we are all super close to our business. We are very passionate about with what we do. We think we know our zone of genius and why people are actually trusting us with, um, their brand and.

Nadine Nethery: inviting us into their business to help them. But, um, yeah, when it comes down to it, um, that can be a huge problem for your marketing because your messaging is going to fall flat. Um, your copy actually is not going to speak to the problems, the desires, the transformation that your audience is hoping. And ultimately you can send as many emails and, um, You know, send out as many social media posts as you want, but it’s not going to get you the result that the audience actually is going to be primed and ready to, um, see you as that perfect fit and the perfect solution to help them out of their, um, yeah, out of their funk.

Nadine Nethery: That’s so 

Amanda Warfield: good. And just the idea of your copywriting falls flat. I know that I’ve experienced this. I’m sure my audience has when you think like, Oh, I’ve got everything set up and prepped and ready to go for this launch or this new offer or whatever it may be. And you put the content out there and it just crickets.

Amanda Warfield: And you’re like, man, I thought, I thought I had it figured out. And so that’s a sign of actually, you didn’t dig deep enough quite for your audience and, and they don’t feel like, you know, them, they feel like you just kind of have a general idea of them. So on the flip side of that. What do you see happen when you have clients that you’re working with and you guys are able to really ensure that you do understand their audience?

Nadine Nethery: Yeah, so every client, um, project that I take on always starts with audience research and actually taking that step back and, um, yeah, having a conversation with either their existing audience, if they established and they’ve been around, around for a while. Or if they are trying to change a niche, you know, launching new offers that speak to a different audience, um, we’re going to actually speak to them, their ideal new audience to make sure that we have that messaging down pat.

Nadine Nethery: So, um, yeah, that process often comes with so many aha moments. Um, along the way as well, not only when it comes to the way they’re showing up online, but also, um, when it comes to their services, how they deliver them, the products, um, in themselves, the, you know, online course, et cetera. So it really, um. Yeah.

Nadine Nethery: Helps them, helps them understand themselves more, their business more. And, um, yeah, it, it means ultimately their website copy, the email copy is doing the selling for them with them without having to push that hard sell. So they can just be authentic. They can show up with empathy because they have that clear understanding.

Nadine Nethery: And it makes everything so much easier. Um, and ultimately even your website becomes a, an organic sales machine where people who resonate with your messaging are going to reach out, book that discovery call, book, you know, your one on one session. If you can book online. Um, and those people who aren’t your perfect fit audience, they’re not going to waste your time or their time, and they’re going to click away.

Nadine Nethery: And ultimately that is what your website should be doing. It shouldn’t be vanilla speak to everyone. Um, it really needs to do that pre selection for you. Um, and it is, it just means you run a much more streamlined business that organically attracts, um, who is perfectly positioned to buy from you. So how do you go 

Amanda Warfield: about getting to know your audience?

Amanda Warfield: What do you do? 

Nadine Nethery: Yeah. So, um, as I said before, you can either tap into your existing audience or into, um, that potential audience that hasn’t worked with you before, and they are both really valid, um, really amazing perspectives and, um, you can. Begin with a customer survey. So that’s how we usually begin.

Nadine Nethery: It’s a very strategic set of questions that takes your customers or that perspective audience on, um, a journey to relive that experience with your brand. So it starts with looking at what happened before they decided that they need help with X, Y, Z problem. And you know, those mindset hurdles that were going on, how they potentially consider.

Nadine Nethery: Solving that problem and then also what made you that perfect fit. Um, then we’re shifting to, um, during the process. So those first aha moments that came with it, um, the immediate transformation, immediate wins. And ultimately down the track, you want to, um, work out the tangible results. So hard hitting wins that you can turn into amazing.

Nadine Nethery: Really relatable copy bits and pieces. So that can be numbers that can be, um, you know, increase in retention. It just makes it super relatable rather than sticking with, um, words like, you know, uplifting, empowering, like I empowered my customers, my customers felt more confident, all those things are great, but, um.

Nadine Nethery: You know, no one can really relate to it. Whereas if you can put hard numbers to it and actual results like, you know, I doubled, um, the number of inquiries and I even landed 90 percent of those customers. Um, so everything feels much more relatable, um, and much more real, um, and people can picture themselves.

Nadine Nethery: In your customer’s shoes. So that’s the first step. So surveying your audience and then if you have responses, um, that where you go, oh my God, that’s something I never considered. It’s an angle that’s really interesting. They are super generous and, and share really generously in, in their answers. Then I would recommend inviting them for a quick chat.

Nadine Nethery: So, you know, 15 minutes of your time, you can even return the favor and let them pick your brain for 15 minutes just to get them across the line and actually, you know, commit to that, that appointment. Um, and that’s where you have the opportunity to dig even deeper. So you can, um, let them elaborate on, um, their answers, um, and have those follow up questions that really allow you to, to go even deeper.

Nadine Nethery: And the good thing about conversations is you can transcribe them. Which means you don’t have to frantically take notes along the way. You can listen with intent after if you revisit that transcript, it allows you to pick up the actual words and the actual language that your audience is using that you can then literally plug straight into your copy.

Nadine Nethery: Um, in, in many instances. 

Amanda Warfield: I love that you pointed out that using the surveys helps you to make your copy and your content so much more real, because over and over again with my clients, I see, you know, I’ll, I’ll say, okay, well, what’s the transformation or what is their win or, you know, I’ll ask a question when we’re trying to really dive into their offer, their offer messaging.

Amanda Warfield: And. They’ll come back with something like empowering or whatever, and it’s like, that’s great, but that’s really fluffy and it means nothing to anybody. Unless you’re feeling empowered in any given moment, it’s hard to encourage someone to feel that, 

Nadine Nethery: you know? Yeah, and um. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s, um, it’s so much more relatable.

Nadine Nethery: Um, and you get people to, to nod along. So you want that, um, you know, that instant scrolling people can’t get enough of your sales page because they just feel so heard and seen and understood. And that’s only going to happen if you take the time to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and actually go on that journey with them and work out.

Nadine Nethery: How you can support them, who is that perfect fit, and that means ultimately you get, get customers working with you that are going to get the outcomes that you want, and that’s the win win for everyone. You don’t want to attract customers who were never the first and the perfect fit in the first place.

Nadine Nethery: It’s true. Such a good 

Amanda Warfield: point. So how often. Should we be going about doing that market research and sending out those surveys? 

Nadine Nethery: Yeah, so I would start if you’ve never taken the time to actually survey your audience and take that step back, then I would send one out today, this week, you know, actually put it on your to do list because it Doesn’t take very long and, um, the aha moments that come from it are so powerful, but if you already have done it, um, I would see and investigate how you can incorporate, um, automated surveys into your onboarding process, um, and.

Nadine Nethery: Offboarding process along the way within your client project. So it feels more organic and you don’t have to actually remember to check in with customers down the track because we’re all busy. There’s so much to do. And, um, you know, with CRM systems, it’s so easy to ask a set of very strategic questions as you welcome people on board.

Nadine Nethery: Um, and then as you deliver. Let’s say your website copy, you know, that email flow, whatever you deliver, um, for those immediate wins. And then again, you know, a few weeks or a few months, depending on what, um, how long it takes for your, your deliverables to, to do their job, um, you again, just. Touch base with them, check in, see how they’re going, which you should be doing anyway.

Nadine Nethery: Um, and then throw in a few, a few strategic questions that get you those tangible wins. So you can then add them to testimonials and, and also use them on your website, on your sales page, wherever you might need them. So the key is to automate it where you can to not add to your already long to do list, but make it super streamlined and, and something that you can, um, yeah.

Nadine Nethery: You can tap into on an ongoing basis. So 

Amanda Warfield: when you’re working with one on one clients, you recommend towards the beginning at the end, and then a few months later as well. 

Nadine Nethery: Absolutely. Yeah. What about 

Amanda Warfield: for those that are listening that have more digital based products or even physical products or courses, things like that, how can they.

Amanda Warfield: Automate 

Nadine Nethery: surveys. Yeah. Yeah. So I’ve got a few, um, digital products myself. So, um, I have, again, strategically placed a few, um, strategic questions along the way. So I do have an intake survey. Again, very, very strategic, very short because people are very excited, they want to get stuck in. So again, capturing that initial thought pattern, why they were looking for the cause, what made them buy, um, you know, what convinced them to, to hand over their credit card details.

Nadine Nethery: Um, and then as they go through my course content, I also have one question, surveys after, um, particular modules where I expect, you know, big transformations, big aha moments, the penny drops. And, um, they are super powerful as well because they are in the moment live feedback as people have watched your content, they, you know, have engaged with that new piece of information that’s going to get them to their win.

Nadine Nethery: Um. So they have been super, super practical to even dig deeper into the actual course itself and work out how I can improve it and how I can, um, yeah, add to it to have even more impact. And then I also survey them after the course. So once I’ve completed it, um, get that feedback. So, you know, whether the course aligned with their expectations, um, how I can improve it, as I said, I’m a big fan of, um, using those insights to actually improve your business.

Nadine Nethery: The way you do business, et cetera, as well. So yeah, and that is super simple. You just embed those surveys in your course portal in your platform. Um, something that is just sitting there waiting, waiting for your audience and your, your students to, um, to tap into. 

Amanda Warfield: That’s so great. And I love that. Okay. So beforehand, you’re like, what, what made you buy and where are you now?

Amanda Warfield: And then at the end, okay, where are you now after you’ve done the work? But when you’re asking questions throughout. After a particular part of our module, what kind of questions are you asking there? 

Nadine Nethery: Yeah, it’s literally just, for example, in my audience success formula. So part of it is actually tapping into your audience without knowing where your audience hangs out.

Nadine Nethery: You don’t have existing clients. So it’s something a lot of. My students have never considered before because there’s that assumption that you have to have existing clients. You can’t do audience research without actually serving people already. Um, and so after that particular survey where, um, I explore online snooping as I like to call it in a non creepy way.

Nadine Nethery: Um, a lot of people are just, yeah, so. So, um, surprised that there was so much goodness at their fingertips and, um, they never considered tapping into it. So, um, there are so many gems that have come from that, that I now use in my sales emails as, you know, screenshots, screen grabs to, to even just highlight that the first module in, in that particular program is already setting you up with so many, um, you know, successes, even before you send your first customer survey.

Nadine Nethery: Yes, that’s all about the instant aha moment, that penny drop situation to, to really get the excitement and, um, again, the language that they’re using to describe that to, um, use it in the copy. 

Amanda Warfield: Okay. So once you’ve done the market research. Then what do you do with that information? How do you, how do you kind of go through and disseminate through it?

Amanda Warfield: Yeah, 

Nadine Nethery: yeah, that’s the key because, um, you know, you can send out all the surveys, have all the responses, and if you don’t actually systemize them, um, you have spent a whole lot of Time looking through it and otherwise. All right. So I love to organize them into buckets, which, um, you can absolutely add to as you go along, you can also update them because let’s face it.

Nadine Nethery: Um, with recessions and pandemics, all the things that are popping up around us, not no one’s will coming. You nimble and adjust your messaging to go with the times because things that were applicable three years ago, pre COVID. probably have shifted somewhat since then. So it’s important to keep that up to date, gather new intel, um, and then update those buckets as you go along.

Nadine Nethery: The actual buckets themselves, um, are tapping into that customer journey. So that experience from pre purchase through to, um, transformation. Um, and we’re looking at objections. So those things that We’re holding people back potentially, uh, from purchasing, um, around, you know, it could be cost, it could be time, it could be mindset.

Nadine Nethery: So all those, um, juicy details, then the pain points. So what tangible problem is keeping them up at night that they’re trying to solve? Um, on the flip side, we’ve got the transformation. So what are they hoping to achieve by taking your calls by working with you one on one? And we’re also looking at false beliefs.

Nadine Nethery: These are super handy as well, because we need to acknowledge them and, um. You know, because we’re all surrounded by family, friends, society that try to tell us certain things are true and applicable. Um, so we’ve got those voices surrounding us, um, that impact our purchasing decision as well. So finding out those misconceptions that, um, were floating around, around, you know, audience research, great, great example.

Nadine Nethery: You know, people don’t think they need. Audience research, because they know their audience. So it’s around, you know, addressing those, um, false beliefs and, um, validating, you know, the actual, the actual truth. Um, we’re also looking at sticky words, um, my favorite. So these are part of the response, um, the survey responses that are so good that you can literally copy and paste them often into headlines, subheadings.

Nadine Nethery: Um, into bullet point lists of, you know, tangible outcomes. They are amazing. And basically your audience is doing half your copywriting. For you, um, as an example here, I’ve recently worked with a, um, membership or, um, empty nest midlife women. So women transitioning from being all absorbed into, you know, in being a mom, their kids are moving to college and all of a sudden they’re left with that big void.

Nadine Nethery: And, um, we also surveyed, you know, her audience and, and, um, got to know them to actually work out. What is what the problems are, the objections, you know, the transformation and, um, someone responded that they are looking for the 50 year old version of their favorite play group mom. And that is something I could never have come up with.

Nadine Nethery: And, um, it is so relatable and tangible and, um, real that we literally use that in, um, in her sales copy left, right and center, because it’s just. Yeah. Too good to pass by. So things like that, often you read it and you go, Oh my God, it’s a completely different perspective. Something I could never, never make up in my wildest dreams.

Nadine Nethery: Yes. A sticky words and sticky terms. They are amazing. And often as well, um, you can have a bucket around, um, things about you. So testimonials, um, when you survey your existing customers, um, And if you design your survey strategically, you can actually piece together really powerful testimonials. Away along the way as well for your website, because you are taking them on that journey, you know, what was going on in their lives before they worked with you.

Nadine Nethery: So that addresses the pain points, the transformation they’ve experienced, and then those tangible results and those testimonials really do the selling for you. Um, and are so much better than those that say, you know, Amanda was amazing to work with because that does no good for anyone. Sorry. Yeah, the nice side benefit from, um, yeah, getting all those buckets is to actually be able to have fresh testimonials, um, that you can use obviously with permission.

Nadine Nethery: So, you know, make sure you include a question in your survey as well that, um, that addresses that and just, you know, says, can I use your insights on my website? And you’d be surprised, a lot of people actually are more than happy to share. That’s so powerful. Okay. 

Amanda Warfield: So you take the answers, the survey responses, and you kind of sort them out into all these different categories.

Amanda Warfield: When you sit down to write and create that copy and that content, how do you use what you’ve sorted to craft something that is actually going to 

Nadine Nethery: help increase those sales? Yeah. So when I then approach, um, my client’s website copy, for example, I have a very Um, you know, thought out structure for each of the web pages, um, that takes the reader on the journey.

Nadine Nethery: So depending on which section I’m working on, I will visit, um, certain buckets in my spreadsheet, um, and see how I can incorporate them, um, in the copy. So basically, um, the audience is doing the, the basic structure for me, you know, the content, and then what all it comes down to is for me to actually, uh, put it together in a way that.

Nadine Nethery: Sounds good and presentable. It actually leads the reader to that next, next logical step, but it just takes out the guesswork, um, that so often happens when, when you’re trying to write anything for your business, be it an email, your website, you’re staring at that blank page and you have no idea where to start.

Nadine Nethery: So this way you can actually go to pre You know, pre sorted, pre curated ideas, um, and then turn them into bullet point lists, um, and yeah, really have relatable structure for your copy, um, before you even start writing. And then the sticky terms, um, as I said, I look through those all the time and see how I can, how I can even use, you know, fractions, um, of that.

Nadine Nethery: Of those expressions in a copy because it just takes, um, your copy game to that next level. This 

Amanda Warfield: is so helpful. And this has been such a great dive into how exactly to get to know your audience and then how to use what you’ve learned about them. In your content, your copy and your messaging so that you can increase those sales.

Amanda Warfield: But if you could give everyone just one action step for 

Nadine Nethery: this interview, what would it be? I would actually just send that first survey literally. Um, it takes 10 minutes of your time. Um, I personally use. Google, um, Google forms. There are so many other, you know, free platforms out there. It’s not complex and, um, it can gather data in the background as you keep working.

Nadine Nethery: And then when you have the time, you come back to it and sift through it, but commit to those 10 minutes today to put together a survey that takes your reader, um, your audience on, on that journey to actually, um, start collecting. Data for your copy and, um, get into the habit of, of making it a regular, um, a regular process in your business.

Nadine Nethery: Yeah. 

Amanda Warfield: I love that. Get started. Send that first survey today, friends. So if you give everyone one book recommendation, what would it be? What’s a must read or must 

Nadine Nethery: listen to? Yeah. So I, um, I love Kate Northrop’s book, Do Less. Um, as it’s quite shocking, actually, as women, I think we’re so, um. Yeah, so, so removed from our bodies and our blog sometimes that, um, yeah, reading it just really opened my eyes to, um, the way I reacted to, you know, client projects, even like my timeline, my calendar.

Nadine Nethery: So for those of you who haven’t heard of the book, it’s all about, um, yeah, understanding your cycle as a woman and then trying to. Book appointments and you know, your client work around your cycle rather than having to, uh, keep writing on against, um, you know, your natural, um, the natural way your body wants to, wants to behave in certain weeks.

Nadine Nethery: And, um, yeah, obviously it’s not always possible to keep weak, clear, um, of client work. But when I can. I try to, um, yeah, work out which appointments naturally would flow into this week. Um, and which ones I should put off for another week if possible. So, um, yeah, for those of you who want to understand how your body as a woman impacts not only your life, but your business and everything that comes with it, highly recommend.

Nadine Nethery: I need to 

Amanda Warfield: reread that one. I read it when I was like first beginning my journey to understanding my cycle and how all of that works. And now that I’ve been doing this for a while and really have been working on Cycle Syncing, I should go back and reread that. It’s sitting on my bookshelf. 

Nadine Nethery: So that’s a great recommendation.

Nadine Nethery: Yeah. Same. Peace from Rwanda. 

Amanda Warfield: Nadine, thank you so, so much for being here today. I really appreciate you taking the time to just Pour into everyone that’s listening and help them get to know their audience a little 

Nadine Nethery: bit better. Thanks so much for having me, Amanda.

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