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I thought I’d pull back the curtain and share the two reasons I ultimately scrapped my retreat launch halfway through.

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Why I Scrapped My Retreat Launch I scrapped my retreat launch last month. In fact, I scrapped the entire retreat (for 2024 at least). This is something I always always advise clients to never do, and yet here I am breaking my own rules. So, I thought I’d pull back the curtain and share the […]

Episode 215: Why I Scrapped my Retreat Launch

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How to DIY Your Website with Kate Hejde When I’m looking for a service, the website truly makes or breaks whether or not I’ll take the next step with a company. However, when we’re busy with the day to day of our business, it can be difficult to find the time to work on our […]

Episode 211: How to DIY Your Website So It Sells Your Services with Kate Hejde


Kate Hejde is on a mission to help you launch a website you're proud of and can help you sell your services effortlessly!

Marketing Strategist vs Social Media Manager When it comes to marketing, there are about a million different people that can help you improve what you’re doing. And we all sort of overlap, and we all have different skills and it can get pretty confusing. One of the most common questions I get is if I […]

Episode 210: Marketing Strategist vs Social Media Manager


I wanted to share a bit about how marketing strategist differs from a social media manager, and how you can utilize both for your business.

An Exact Breakdown of Using Sales Funnels to Set Goals If I told myself in year 1 that in year 7 I had 3500 IG followers … well, I would be appalled and probably give up on my business before it ever really got started. Now, I know that those numbers I was so focused […]

Today I’m going to share more about the numbers that actually matter - and how you can use sales funnels to set goals based on that number.

5 Business Lessons from Walt Disney A few months back, I did an episode on the marketing lessons I’d learned from Taylor Swift. And I had a BLAST creating that episode, and based on the DMs I got, you had a blast listening to it. So, today I wanted to come back with a similar […]

Episode 201: 5 Business Lessons from Walt Disney

Content Marketing

I want to take my passion for Walt Disney and extract the five business lessons I think we can all learn from this major organization.

A Look Back at 6 Years in Business It’s more than a little surreal to be recording my 200th episode of the Chasing Simple podcast. 200 Episodes. 54 incredible guests. And a wonderful team who helps make this happen each and every week. To Haylee and Megan of Gaffin Creative – thank you. This podcast […]

Episode 200: A Look Back at 6 Years in Business

Content Marketing

Buckle up and get ready to hear about the last 6 years in business including the ups and downs and the false beliefs.

Increasing Sales By Getting To Know Your Audience One of the most frequently asked questions in my annual survey is – how do I find and get to know my audience? Which, is valid, because understanding your audience is one of – if not THE- most important part of marketing. If you don’t understand your […]

Nadine Nethery, an expert on messaging, is helping us increase sales by diving into who our audience is and what they need from us.