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LaShonda teaches about YouTube and how it can be done simply and might just change your mind about starting a own channel.

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The Power of Starting a YouTube Channel I’m going to be really honest with you. For the last year or so, I’ve had thoughts about potentially starting a YouTube channel, but each time I began to truly think about it I pushed the idea away, because frankly? YouTube is a LOT of work. And I […]

Episode 203: The Power of Youtube with LaShonda Brown

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From Strategy to Results: Analyzing a Client’s Recent Launch Have you ever wondered what the behind the scenes of a launch looks like? The exact pieces of a strategy, the timeline, the numbers? If so, you’re in the right place because today I’m bringing you behind the scenes of a recent client launch. In this […]

Episode 177: From Strategy to Results: Analyzing a Client’s Recent Launch


Today, I’ll be sharing the details and strategy behind the launch plans my client put in place, as well as the results achieved.

How To Sell Your Course There are so many ideas out there for how you can sell and market your course. And you’ve got one expert saying that evergreen is the best and only way, and you’ve got another saying that live launching is the best and only way. And frankly, it’s just confusing messaging, […]

Episode 151: A Complete System for How to Sell Your Course


Today, I'm going to tell you how to sell your course and which options are best from evergreen to live launch, we will explore it all!

How To Pre Launch a Course If you’ve been listening to the Chasing Simple podcast episodes over the last few weeks, you’ve heard me talk numerous times about the length of your prelaunch, and the fact that I highly encourage you to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for a course launch. If you’ve […]

I'm going to walk you through exactly how to pre launch a course using timelines to help you have the best launch ever!

Best Day To Launch A Course Thinking of launching your very first course, but struggle with having just way too much on your todo list leaving you with absolutely no time to actually create and launch your course? If you can relate, you’re in exactly the right place, because today i’m sharing 5 tips for […]

Episode 122: Making Time to Launch Your Course


5 tips for making (and saving) time with your own course launch including figuring out the best day to launch a course and so much more!

How To Launch A Successful Online Course The typical advice for when you should create and launch an online course is once you’ve created a successful offer. Most course educators suggest waiting until you have a strong 1:1 service offer, and a decent sized audience. But today i’m sharing a bit of an unpopular opinion: […]

Episode 121: Should You Launch a Course?


How to launch a successful online course by asking yourself the right questions to determine the right time

Looking at how to ethically beta test your online course before launching to ensure you are not wasting time.

Looking at how to ethically beta test your online course before launching to ensure you are not wasting time.