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Replay of my content planning + Disneyland episode from the Business First Creative podcast with my friend Colie James.

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Content Planning From The Business First Creatives Podcast Is the content creation process overwhelming to you? Do you get through creating one piece of content and feel drained? Today I’m going to share a guest interview I did for Colie James’ podcast – Business First Creatives – where I share the proper way to create […]

Episode 207: Content Planning + Disneyland from the Business First Creatives Podcast

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4 Marketing Gaps I See My Clients Make When I onboard a new client, there are always standard questions that I ask. One of those being what their current marketing strategy looks like. And over the years, I’ve discovered that there are some very common holes that MOST of my clients have when they come […]

Episode 205: 4 Common Marketing Holes I See with Clients

Content Marketing

I’ve discovered that there are some marketing gaps that MOST of my clients have, but today I'm going to teach you how to fix them.

Steal This Social Media Strategy If social media feels overwhelming right now, you aren’t alone. The constant refrain that I’m hearing is that business owners just don’t know what to do about social media. It’s become overwhelming, it’s harder to see results … it’s just one more thing on top of a lot of other […]

Episode 204: Steal This Social Media Strategy

Content Marketing

If social media feels overwhelming right now, you aren’t alone. Steal my social media strategy so it stops being so confusing!

The Power of Starting a YouTube Channel I’m going to be really honest with you. For the last year or so, I’ve had thoughts about potentially starting a YouTube channel, but each time I began to truly think about it I pushed the idea away, because frankly? YouTube is a LOT of work. And I […]

LaShonda teaches about YouTube and how it can be done simply and might just change your mind about starting a own channel.

A Look Back at 6 Years in Business It’s more than a little surreal to be recording my 200th episode of the Chasing Simple podcast. 200 Episodes. 54 incredible guests. And a wonderful team who helps make this happen each and every week. To Haylee and Megan of Gaffin Creative – thank you. This podcast […]

Episode 200: A Look Back at 6 Years in Business

Content Marketing

Buckle up and get ready to hear about the last 6 years in business including the ups and downs and the false beliefs.

Marketing Secrets | What You Don’t See in Someone’s Marketing When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s very easy to get swept away in how successful everyone else is… the successful launches, new offers, client wins…. and miss out on the struggles happening behind the scenes…. the missed client payments, the refund requests, and missed deadlines, […]

Episode 196: Marketing Secrets – What You Don’t See in Someone’s Marketing

Content Marketing

I want to share 4 marketing secrets - things that most, if not all, entrepreneurs are experiencing that you WON’T see them talking about.

Consistency in Marketing from the Shoot It Straight Podcast This week’s episode is something extra fun and special. We are going to be airing an episode, a guest episode that I actually did on another podcast, the Shoot It Straight podcast with Sabrina Gebhardt, which if you’re a photographer, you need to be listening to […]

A guest episode from the podcast, the Shoot It Straight with Sabrina Gebhardt, where I talk about consistency in marketing.

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