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Learn how to create a course online that elevates the student's experience so they will actually want to complete and learn.

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Create A Course Online with Mara Kucirek Too often, the focus of adding a course to our businesses is what that course can do for us – how it will improve our businesses, and how we can ensure we have the best course launch ever. And while I am really passionate about helping other educators […]

Episode 178: Create a Course Your Students Actually Complete with Mara Kucirek

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Business Mindset Shifts with Hayley Luckadoo If you’ve been listening to this month’s episodes, you know that I am feeling very strongly about avoiding burnout this year. (Both for myself and for you!) Last week I shared a bit about my own experience and how that’s affecting the goals I’ve set for this year, and […]

Episode 144: The One Mindset Shift that Will Change How You Chase Your Dreams with Hayley Luckadoo


Business Mindset Shifts with Hayley Luckadoo that will help us chase our goals differently and avoid burnout.

An update on my 2022 goals, and a look at what my 2023 goals are inside this casual Coffee Over Conversations episode of the Chasing Simple podcast!

Episode 143: Coffee Over Conversations – Goals Edition January 2023


An update on my 2022 goals, and a look at what my 2023 goals are inside this casual Coffee Over Conversations episode of the Chasing Simple podcast!

Smart Goal Setting with Bree Pair It’s that time of year again – goal planners are filled up, our excitement for our businesses is at an all-time high, we’re rested from a nice break, and we can’t wait to jump into achieving all the things. But, be honest with me, you know how this cycle […]

Smart Goal Setting. Bree Pair shows how to set purposeful and sustainable goals for the upcoming year so we no longer suffer extreme burnout.

End of Year Business Checklist In 2022, I took 12 weeks off, went to 4 conferences, took 8 vacations, etc. And still am on track to hit my revenue goal … which is double what it was last year. And while there are so many different reasons as to why anyone does or doesn’t hit […]

Episode 137: End of Year Closeout (Yearly Workflow Part 1)


A end of year business checklist to help you close out 2022 strong, prepare your business for 2023 and get super clear about your goals.

Pinterest Strategy For Business in 2022 When I first started my business back in 2018, everyone was going on and on about how important it was to get your content out on Pinterest. So, I figured it was important and if the experts said to do it, then I’d do it. In fact, one of […]

Episode 135: Pinterest Best Practices for 2022 with Nadalie Bardo


Nadalie Bardo teaches us that adding Pinterest to your Business Strategy in 2022 does not need to be complicated or frustrating.

Sustainable Business Management Because you’re tuned into this podcast, I know that you want to see more simplicity in your life and business. I mean, why else would you download a business episode from a podcast called Chasing Simple, right? But maybe simplicity and sustainability sound great in theory, but are hard for you to […]

Sustainable business management isn't hard - here's Sabrina Gebhardt, a lifestyle photographer, with tips and tricks to get you started.

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