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Putting out content? Not a problem. But knowing what to say? Who has time to figure that out?

You've got an offer, you've got an audience, and you're showing up consistently. But your content feels disconnected when you'd really like to see a thread running through.

Your messaging doesn't feel nailed down quite yet, and you're stick of trying to utilize "buckets" to figure out what to talk about it. It all just feels like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall.

You're tired of spinning your wheels.

The good news? If you're newer to business - this is normal. Before you can nail down your messaging, you've got to get your hands dirty. Throw that spaghetti and see what sticks! 

if you've been in business for awhile now, and you've got a successful offer, but you just can't seem to find that underlying messaging and strategy - I'm here to help! 

Check out some of my resources below for more on content marketing strategy help!

You want to do more than put out content for the sake of just putting out content 

You can create content all day long, but it's not moving you towards your goals.


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You have the time and space to create strategic content, but struggle to know what strategic content is, and you feel like you're pulling random ideas out of your head instead of strategically ....

4 Steps to Strategic Content

I'm sharing all about different types of content marketing strategies - 3 post categories that you'll want to start adding to your content rotation, and 3 examples of post types within each category.

9 Posts that Build Relationships with Your Audience 

4 of the most common content planning mistakes, and how to dig your way out of them.

4 Content Planning Mistakes 

I'm addressing the first step to creating a content marketing strategy, as well as my 4 total steps for creating your own.

Your First Step to Creating a Marketing Strategy

With these chasing simple shop resources

 Get Strategic in Your Content

A Strategy-Led Content Planner for Small Business Owners

Chasing Simple Content Planner

Yearly Planning Workshop to Align Your Content with Your Goals

A Year in Preview Workshop

52 Long Form Content Prompts, and 261 Short Form Content Prompts

Welcome Sequence Email Templates

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You're an established business owner that doesn't have the time or mental capacity to come up with a content strategy yourself. Let's work together to create your marketing plans with intention!

Content Marketing strategy and Copywriting with amanda

1:1 Content Strategy

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A simple way to get your marketing assets created 

Strategy & Copy VIP Day

Have a marketing project you need to check off your list, but don't have the time for? Hand it off to me, and I'll knock out the strategy AND the copy in just one day!