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June 2, 2020

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Hey sweet friend. So once again, there is no new podcast episode this week for Chasing Simple, and instead of just not putting it up, I wanted to come on here and address it. Last week, there was no new podcast episode because I ran out of hosting space. And my plan had been to release last week’s and this week’s episode today. But this week there is also no new podcast episode because it’s just not important.

I have made the mistake in the past of retreating, into my white privilege. Of surrounding myself with that bubble. And that stops now. I’m sure it will do this imperfectly. I am sure that I will mess up. I am sure that I will accidentally say the wrong thing, but I’m committed to being a true active ally for the black community and to no longer retreat into that bubble and to no longer hide my face from what’s going on in our world.

And that being said, after spending a lot of time in prayer over the weekend, I have decided that, this week especially, It is time for me to shut up and amplify. I would love to invite you to join me over on Instagram this week, because I am teaming up with six amazing black women that I follow and who’s content I really, really enjoy and who I have done a disservice to by not sharing their content before, because I totally could have, and I didn’t.

But, every day this week a different black women is going to be taking over my Instagram account, sharing with gifts with the world, with all of my followers and sharing about her business. You’ll be hearing from Nicole of the Holy Hippie — a Christian Minimalist Coach, Jamala from Yugen Solutions who works with businesses to help them go green, Aleise Kay — a business mentor who helps coaches make money with their purpose, Eboni aka Mrs C8 who shares all about creativity, home and mom life in an effort to help you create joy, Alexis of Lex Creative Studios — a branding expert for those in the wellness industry, and Tavia of the Homeschool CEO — this lady knows her stuff when it comes to juggling it all. I’ll tag link to all of their Instagram accounts in the shownotes for this episode.

 I really, really highly encourage you to come join me over there. And I also REALLY encourage you, if you have a platform, to shut up and amplify. Stop your content, stay silent, but don’t let your platform be silent. Amplify the voices of black people right now, especially these female entrepreneurs that are part of our community. Who are right there beside us, hustling, all the time, and that we have done a huge disservice to by not being inclusive.

So that’s my challenge for you today, this week is to not only silent your voice, but use your account, use your platform – the platform that you’ve built and you’ve cultivated – Use it for good. Don’t just be silent. And that’s all I’ve got for you today. I can’t tell you for sure that I’ll be back next week because I am truly taking this day by day, one prayer at a time.

So, Yeah, let’s connect on Instagram. I really hope that you’ll join me and come learn from these amazing women because they have a lot to share.

And until next time, I hope you’ll go out and uncomplicate your life and biz. It really doesn’t get any more simple than loving one another, my friend.

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