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2023 Marketing Predictions that you need to know to make sure you keep your business afloat during this time of high inflation.

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2023 Marketing Predictions Interest rates are up, houses aren’t selling, and we’ve been hearing rumblings about a recession for MONTHS now. My own father in law, who works in the mortgage industry told us just this week that the market is looking eerily like it did back in 2008. So while I’m certainly no expert […]

Episode 136: My Marketing Predictions for 2023

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Sustainable Business Management Because you’re tuned into this podcast, I know that you want to see more simplicity in your life and business. I mean, why else would you download a business episode from a podcast called Chasing Simple, right? But maybe simplicity and sustainability sound great in theory, but are hard for you to […]

Episode 134: Sustainability as a Business Owner with Sabrina Gebhardt


Sustainable business management isn't hard - here's Sabrina Gebhardt, a lifestyle photographer, with tips and tricks to get you started.

Automating Black Friday Sales Black Friday sales – you either love them or hate them as a business owner. I had quite a few clients this year tell me they didn’t want to even do anything for Black Friday, because they just wanted to be present and not worry about work. Which I am 100% […]

Episode 133: How I’m Automating My Black Friday Marketing and Sales to Take Time Off


Automating Black Friday sales allows you greater ease during the busy holiday season, while still allowing for growth, sales, and connection.

Social Media Management For Small Business Today, I’m going to share 4 ways you can making social media management for small business easier and help your SMM get the results you’re looking for. If you’ve ever worked with a Social Media Manager, you probably hired them hoping to see major growth on your social media […]

4 ways you can make social media management for your small business easier and get the results you are looking for without losing your mind

Small Business Systems That Make Batch Week Possible One of the most frequently asked questions I get about batch week is “how do you have time for it”? For many, it’s unfathomable that I can set aside one week each month just for creating content. And I’m about to blow your mind even further. Not […]

Episode 130: Business Systems that Make Batch Week Possible

Content Batching

Learn about the small business systems that I use to make my batch week possible so I can put out quality content month after month

Adding Digital Product Ideas with Christina Scalera Black Friday is right around the corner, and it can be a great time to introduce a new offer to your audience. In particular, digital product ideas. Ones that you can create systems and automations around, so that you don’t need to be present during the sale – […]

Episode 129: Adding Digital Products as a Revenue Stream with Christina Scalera


Learn how to add digital product ideas into your business this holiday season to streamline sales while still enjoying your family

Serial Entrepreneur: A Case Study in Starting a Second Business A little over a year ago, at the time of recording this episode, I started my second business – Magical Escape Vacations, and joined the ranks for many other serial entrepreneurs. And in that year, I’ve learned a LOT as a business owner. I’ve had […]

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