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It's time to stop ghosting your audience and start building relationships

It's not that you don't want to create content (okay, maybe sometimes it's that ...), it's just that when you look at everything else on your to-do list, content just doesn't feel like a priority.

How can you prioritize putting up a post on social media, or filming a YouTube video, when you have so much on your plate that feels more important?

You tell yourself you'll get to the content creation later in the day, only to never get around to it. By the time the end of the day comes, you're too zapped to create anything and tell yourself you'll get to content tomorrow. Only to realize that someone it's been a month since any new content has been created and released and all of a sudden your leads have dried up. 

You rush to put something out, and then promise yourself it's time to make content a priority again. For a few weeks, you're doing it. The content is consistent, your leads are flooding in again, and all of a sudden you've got too much on your plate to prioritize content creation again. 

You're stuck on the content creation hamster wheel.

And the best way to get off? By simplifying your creation system.

Simplifying your content creation will make it easier on yourself to create your content and release it, so that you can show up consistently, build relationships with your audience, and stay out of the feast and famine client cycle.

(You'll find some of my favorite resources for showing up consistently below!)

finding time for content? Not happening

You've got clients to serve, collaborations to fulfill, and a packed to-do list every day.

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