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Buckle up and get ready to hear about the last 6 years in business including the ups and downs and the false beliefs.

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A Look Back at 6 Years in Business It’s more than a little surreal to be recording my 200th episode of the Chasing Simple podcast. 200 Episodes. 54 incredible guests. And a wonderful team who helps make this happen each and every week. To Haylee and Megan of Gaffin Creative – thank you. This podcast […]

Episode 200: A Look Back at 6 Years in Business

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Making $100k+ a Year, working part time, with Cailen Ascher We all started our businesses so that we could make more and work less, right? That’s essentially what every business origin story boils down to. And I’m right there with you. I recognized that as a 3rd year teacher, I wasn’t ever going to make […]

Episode 195: Making $100k+ a Year, Working Part Time with Cailen Ascher


Cailen discusses leveraging group coaching to serve more people in less time leading to making $100+k a Year.

My 2024 Goals Last year, I didn’t set very many goals. I’ll get into more of why and what that looked like in this episode, but for 2024 I’m back to setting goals. So, as we ease into this new year together, I thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes of […]

Episode 194: Conversations Over Coffee – My 2024 Goals (And a Life Update!)


I thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes of my 2024 goals and how I plan to accomplish them.

What I Got Wrong in My 2023 Predictions Last week on the show, I re-aired my 2023 marketing predictions. And today, I want to share more about how those predictions worked out. Because I believe it’s important to evaluate what truly happened this year in marketing before we can predict what’s to come in the […]

Evaluating what truly happened this year in marketing before we can predict what’s to coming in the new year.

New Year Small Business Checklist Last week, in episode 137, I walked you through exactly how I spend December closing out the year and preparing for a new year ahead. If you haven’t listened to that episode, pause this one, because 137 is a precursor to what we’re talking about today. So go listen to […]

Episode 138: New Year Prep (Yearly Workflow Part 2)


Start 2023 off right with a New Year Small Business Checklist so you can organize all the tasks you need to achieve your goals.

End of Year Business Checklist In 2022, I took 12 weeks off, went to 4 conferences, took 8 vacations, etc. And still am on track to hit my revenue goal … which is double what it was last year. And while there are so many different reasons as to why anyone does or doesn’t hit […]

Episode 137: End of Year Closeout (Yearly Workflow Part 1)


A end of year business checklist to help you close out 2022 strong, prepare your business for 2023 and get super clear about your goals.

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