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After more than a year of preparing to bring this book into the world, it’s finally here and the book launch didn’t go as planned.

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When A Book Launch Goes Wrong I love nothing more than a good launch recap episode, and chatting about what went well, what didn’t, and where I hope to improve in the future. So today I’m taking you behind the scenes of the launch of my book – Chasing Simple Marketing. After more than a […]

Episode 180: When Launching Goes Wrong: A BTS Look at My Book Launch

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Sneak Peek: A Chapter from Chasing Simple Marketing It is officially July, which means we are mere DAYS away from the Launch of Chasing Simple Marketing. Right now, I am eating, sleeping, daydreaming all things book launch, so I thought it would be fun to come back in with another read of a chapter. Way […]

Episode 167: Sneak Peek: A Chapter from Chasing Simple Marketing


We are mere DAYS away from the launch of my first book, so here's a Sneak Peek of Chasing Simple Marketing

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