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Learn more about grabbing your copy of Chasing Simple Marketing: amandawarfield.com/book/ [00:00:00] Hey there, friend. I’m going to keep this little announcement episode short and sweet. I promise I won’t take up a ton of your time, but I did want to let you know that Chasing Simple Marketing is officially available for pre order. […]

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How To Market A Digital Course Live launching or evergreen launching. Which one is easiest? How do you do them? What do they require? How to market a digital course and, ultimately, which is right for you? In this week’s episode, I’m going to explore each type of “launch”, their pros and cons, and my […]

Episode 123: Course Marketing – Launching vs Evergreen: Which is Right For Your Course?


How to market a digital course for both live and evergreen courses, the pros and cons of each, and which will be best for you

Brand Strategy: Help with common branding mistakes so you can earn consistent income Today I am so excited to share an incredible interview with you all about branding, and how branding can make a difference in your income as a business owner. I’m joined by Bonnie Bakhtiari. She’s a brand strategist and designer for creative […]

Episode 118: Common Branding Mistakes that Keep You From Consistent Income with Bonnie Bakhtiari


Brand strategy help including tips for common branding mistakes that are keeping you from earning consistent income

Hitting pause on your content – should you do it? Should you continue your marketing? I’m discussing what I’m doing for my businesses and their marketing right now, what you should consider in order to make your own decision, and how to go about dealing with your already scheduled content.

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