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I’m sharing what the 3 phases of business are, how to know which you’re in, and how to leverage the best marketing strategies for each phase.

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3 Phases Of A Business Journey When it comes to marketing strategies, there are hundreds out there that you could implement. Which can be fun, but is also a leading cause of marketing overwhelm. Because oh my goodness there’s so much to do but so little time. The good news? You don’t need to implement […]

Episode 169: 3 Phases of a Business Journey

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Building Relationships With Your Email Newsletter with Liz Wilcox If email marketing is your least favorite kind of content, you aren’t alone. In fact, that’s the content platform my clients most often try to get out of implementing. And I get it. There are so many different facets of email marketing (nurturing, welcome sequences, funnels, […]

Episode 166: Building Relationships in the Inbox with Liz Wilcox

Content Marketing

Liz walks us through ways to simplify our email newsletters and helps build relationships with the people who want to get to know us better.

Six Things To Do Before Starting A New Content Marketing Platform Have you thought about adding a new content platform to your marketing strategy, but aren’t sure where to begin? Well, I can tell you what typically happens. Normally, we decide we want to be on a new platform, and we immediately jump into learning […]

Episode 160: Do These 6 Things Before Starting a New Content Platform

Content Marketing

Let me share the six things you can do when thinking about adding a new content platform to your marketing strategy.

Using AI Tools For Content Marketing AI Content Tools are very “in” right now. ChatGPT, Canva MagicDocs, Jasper … and so many more that I’m not even aware of. And these tools are able to help aid you in your content creation process. You know that I am all for tools and systems that can […]

Latasha Doyle teaches us how to use AI tools for content marketing in today's episode of the Chasing Simple Podcast.

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