Writing Retreat Final Day

August 30, 2022

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August 4, 2022

It’s the final day of my writing retreat, and I didn’t quite finish the book, but I got close. Yesterday I realized that one extra day would have been nice. I even texted Russell and said “Next retreat, I need to plan an extra day in the middle for breakdowns.” Whoops.

While my goal of 3 chapters a day was reasonable, and most days I hit it, or close to it, it would have been nice to have planned for three a day, plus an extra day just in case.

I spent the night at home last night, and got back to the AirBnb around 7:30 this morning. I knocked out the two chapters that I started but couldn’t bring myself to finish yesterday. Which left me with two chapters to go. I got started on one of them, but didn’t get super far into it before I needed to leave and head back into town for a hair appointment. (It’s impossible to get into my place at the last minute, so I was not about to reschedule it.) Which took a three hour chunk out of my day, and then by that point, Russell was off work, and I was feeling overwhelmed by other work tasks that needed to be done, and the writing focus was not there.

So, I decided to leave it as is. I wrote 33,000 words this week, I already know a couple of places that I want to add more content in, and I’ve got one and a half chapters left in this rough draft. It’s not exactly where I wanted to end this retreat, but it’s where I’m going to. Russell is on his way here to spend the night with me, and we’re going to go to dinner to celebrate and for now, I’m going to attempt to knock out some of the emails that piled up in my inbox all week.

Next steps are to finish my rough draft as soon as I can!

Love and cat-hair hugs,


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