Episode 100: 16 Tips to Simplify Your Business

March 8, 2022

Chasing Simple Marketing


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We're celebrating the 100th episode of the Chasing Simple podcast by sharing 16 special tips with you on how to simplify your business!

Wondering How to Simplify Your Business?

Welcome, my friend, to episode 100 of the Chasing Simple podcast. I’ll be honest, I’m a little blown away that we’re here.
100 Episodes
26 Guests
You are amazing. Thank you for being here with me on this journey. And if you’re new around here, let’s start by giving you a few episodes that are can’t miss.
The Top 5 Most Downloaded Chasing Simple episodes are:
1) Episode 067 How to Stop Neglecting Your Personal Goals with Laken Edwards
2) Episode 070 Steal These 4 Sample Content Plans
3) Episode 002 Stop Reinventing the Wheel with Keleigh Lauermann
4) Episode 011 My Journey to Simple Living
5) Episode 071 The Worst Advice I’ve Heard about Content Marketing

And today, I’m so excited because I’ve brought back 15 of our amazing guests to share their best tips with you on simplifying your business. I’ll introduce each guest, and remind you of what their episode was on Chasing Simple, and I’ll wrap the episode with one final tip from me. Thank you, again, for joining me here on Chasing Simple each and every week. I appreciate you so.

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Amanda: Welcome my friend to episode 100 of the chasing simple podcast. I’ll be honest. I am a little blown away that we’re here. 100 episodes, 26 guests, 25,000 downloads. You’re amazing. Thank you for being here with me on this journey. And if you’re new around here. Well, I’m just going to start off by giving you a few episodes that are can’t miss.

The top five most downloaded episodes of chasing simple are number one, episode 67. How to stop neglecting your personal goals with Lakin Edwards. Number two episode 70, steal these four sample content plans. Number three, episode number two. Stop reinventing the wheel with Kelly Lauerman number four, episode 11, my journey to simple living and number five episode 71.

The worst advice I’ve heard about content marketing. And today I am so excited because I’ve brought back 15 of our amazing guests to share their best tips with you on simplifying your business. I’ll introduce each guest and remind you of what their episodes were on chasing simple. And then I’ll wrap up the episode with one final tip from me.

Thank you again for joining me here on chasing simple each and every week. I appreciate you.

How do I run a successful business from my home? How can I possibly wear all of the hats? Am I the only one that struggles with staying organized?. What am I supposed to do about work-life balance? How can I create a solid schedule and routine? How do I even stay productive? And the biggest question of all, how do I manage it all?

And can I really create a business that I love without being chained to my laptop? Welcome to the chasing simple podcast for hard conversations and actionable education meets simplicity. I’m your host, Amanda Warfield time management coach, online educator and crazy cat mama. My mission is to help overwhelmed business owners get more done in less time so that they have more time and energy for what matters most, if you feel overwhelmed or occasionally lost in the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship.

I want you to know that you aren’talone. Those things you’re feeling you aren’t the first or the last to feel that way, the hard things you’re going through, someone else has already been there too each week offering you transparent conversations, actionable steps in a judgment free community to encourage and equip you.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee or whenever your drink of choice is, and meet me here each week for love. Practical tips and advice on simple buying your beds. Let’s do this entrepreneurship thing together.

Hey friend, sorry to interrupt. You’re listening, but I’ve got something really exciting to tell you. And I know that you’re going to want to hear about this. So I’ve done something a little crazy and I’ve opened up the first lesson inside of club contentbatching to the public for free that’s right. You can get a look inside of the club, content matching membership hub, and take the very first lesson inside completely.

All you have to do is head over to Amanda warfield.com port slash basics, to get your log in details. The first lesson covers the basic premises of content marketing that I want all of my students to know before they begin bashing. You’ll reframe how you think about content marketing. You’ll learn exactly how long you should be spending on creating content and you’ll uncover the two most important things that all of your content needs in order to grow your business.

So, if you’ve been curious about what the inside of club content batching looks like, and you want to take that first lesson all about the basic premises of content marketing, be sure to head on over to Amanda warfield.com forward slash basics to get inside completely free today. Again, that domain warfield.com for less basics. Now let’s head on back to your episode. 

For very first tip todaywe have Jessica Rasdall. If you haven’t heard of Jessica yet, and you somehow haven’t met her, she is a speaking strategist and she helps small businesses scale with speaking. She is the host of the speak to sell podcast and she runs the speaking strategy academy.

She is my speaking coach. If you need a speaking coach, I highly recommend her. . And if you haven’t listened to episode three, definitely go back and check that one out. It’s how did you deliver a transformation with story? And even if you don’t plan to start speaking, this is when you’re definitely not going to want to miss, but for now we’re going to hop into.

Jessica Rasdall: Hey friend, it’s Jessica Rasdall here from the public speaking strategist. If you are looking to simplify the way you show up and speak for your business, whether that’s in live streams on podcast, webinars, stages, or more, here’s how to make itsimple. Select just one topic. I know, I know it sounds silly, but so often we want to speak on all the things in all the places.

And if we can select our one area of expertise, at least to start, it’s so much easier to craft a great presentation so that you feel confident submitting it, pitching it and delivering it. When a great opportunity comes across your desk. So instead of stretching yourself thin and watering down your message, I want you to focus on that one thing.

If you could only speak to your audience about one thing, what would it be? That is your signature topic. 

Amanda: Next we’re joined by Alana Dawson, who is a podcast growth coach who coaches solo, podcasters and female podcasters to grow their show with simple podcast strategies. She’s also the host of the podcasting party podcast, and she’s also a podcast editor and she just so happens to be my wonderful, amazing podcast editor.

She helps make all of these episodes possible, so go follow her and give her her big thing. Alana actually joined us way back on episode four for behind the scenes of pivoting in your business. And yes, I know we’re all tired of the word pivot. We’re all tired of what 2020 has made pivot and pivot in your business.

But Alana’s story actually goes much farther back than that. And it’s not about 2020, and it honestly just goes to show that pivoting is always going to be something we have to do in our business, even though we’re really sick of yet. Right this minute. So make sure you listen to that episode if you haven’t already, but for now, let’s dive into her tip for us.

Alana Dawson: Hey, everybody, Alana Dawson here, host of the podcasting party, and I am so excited to wish chasing simple, a very happy a hundred episodes. That’s amazing. My tip for simplifying your business. The thing that has been most, I think beneficial in my business has been to plan ahead and not just with the year, but quarters and months and weeks, all the way down to in its simplest form.

I have themed workdays and that has been the biggest help I could say in simplifying my business is I know exactly what I’m in do on which days I know Amanda talks about this in the show. She could probably give you the episode numbers, but that is my biggest tip for simplifying your business.

Amanda: Okay. Next up we’re joined by Aleia Walker and Aleia is the founder of the hill creatives, which is a black creative directory. If you’re looking to outsource or hiring your business, make sure to go check that out, go give it a follow over on Instagram. They also host the hill round tables a few times a year, which is full of conversation-based diversity and inclusion training.

 So make sure you go give that account to follow, 

but Aleia is also the founder of the Mojito marketing agency, which is an evergreen marketing agency for business owners who want to scale. And she joined us all the way back on episode 26, to talk about how launching doesn’t have to be so hard and so difficult. So I know you’re going to want to go check that one out if you miss it, but for now let’s dive into her tip.

Aleia Walker: Hey, this is Aleia Walker, copywriter and founder at Mojito marketing. And I want to say congrats on a hundred episodes to chasing. So I empower small business owners to develop inclusive marketing strategies. So one of my best tips, if you’re struggling to create content for all of the channels is to just press pause, figure out what channels best fuel your visibility and your revenue.

Then cut out everything. It’s really likely you don’t need to be on Instagram, Tik, TOK, Pinterest, running Facebook ads and Google ads and building your email list, running webinars, hosting a podcast, or writing for your blog, et cetera. All at the same time, you’re running a small business. It’s likely you don’t have the firepower to get all of these things done really, really well.

And that is okay. You can still be impactful with a smaller marketing stack. You just need to scale back and concentrate on what works best for you. This might look like hitting pause on all the channels for a period of time, like 30 days or so. And then putting back only the things that would cause your business to crash and burn without having those, or it might mean a deep dive into your metrics, uh, or likely a combination of both less equals more.

Isn’t just a thing that sounds nice. Sometimes it’s the key to growth and finding your peace in business without burning out along the way. All right, congrats again, on a hundred episodes, chasing simple and cheers to your next one. 

Amanda: Next up, we’re joined by Callie Ammons, an Enneagram life coach, and she joined us all way back on episode 48 to talk about using the Enneagram to make decisions in your business.

Y’all know, that I love the Enneagram. So this is one of my most favorite episodes ever, just because it’s so much fun to talk about the Enneagram and business and all the things. So definitely make sure to go check that one out if you haven’t already, but let’s dive in there.

Callie Ammons: Hi, my name is Callie Ammons and I am a certified Enneagram life coach. And my number one tip for simplifying my business is learning to do the things that really align with me and my personality in regards to my business. So it’s really easy to scroll Instagram or look at someone’s beautiful website and just get ideas.

You see someone come out with a new course launch a physical product. Enter into coaching something. Everyone is always pursuing different things, and it’s really easy to feel like you have to do all the things, especially on social media. I can feel the need to have to be on tech talk and Instagram and YouTube, and the list goes on and on.

When I simplified my business and the sense of giving myself permission to really focus on doing what aligns with me and my personality and what lights me up. I have seen so much growth in my business, but also in my personal life, because it has been so much more freeing and life-giving rather than dreading different tasks or things that I’m trying to pursue and do, and just operating from a place of exhaustion.

Amanda: Next up we’re joined by Elizabeth McCravy. Elizabeth is a show at web designer and a business coach for other web designers. And she’s also the host of the breakthrough brand podcast. She joined us back on episode 29 to talk all about embracing the early years of entrepreneurship. And I have one of Elizabeth’s templates for my own websites and.

As I’m recording this, I’ve only started working on one of the websites, but it’s so easy to use. It’s gorgeous. And I can not wait to convert both of my websites over into show it and into her templates. But for now, let’s go ahead and listen to her. 

Elizabeth McCravy: Hello friends. I’m Elizabeth McCravy. I’m a website designer and business coach based in Nashville.

And I’m also a fellow podcaster and the host of the breakthrough brand podcast. Uh, I’ve had my business for about six years now and it’s definitely evolved over those years to be more simple than. And then also more complex and some other ways from when I first started it. And so when I was reading, Amanda’s email asking for this, there’s so many ideas that come to mind for me.

When I think about simplifying my business in the ways that I do that. So the one I want to share with you all though, is a way. Simplify my email marketing, and it’s a sneaky little, probably unexpected secret. You could say that I’ve never really shared anywhere before, so I don’t send out a weekly newsletter.

However, if you’re on my email list if I look like I do, which is really awesome. So to kind of explain that, and this is my tip to try this yourself to supply by your own business. But about a year ago, I decided to stop chasing the efforts of variety of brand new. Letter to send out every single week, I was already doing a weekly podcast.

I was posting on social media mostly every day. I was doing content for my core students and my template customers. And it was just a lot, it was like a lot of content all the time. And Cindy, an email newsletter was something that always like fell to the back burner and just felt like a low priority.

Sometimes I was doing more sporadically, not that consistent. So it felt like email marketing, like it had to get. But I didn’t want, my email is to only hear from me during launches when I’m selling something, because that’s no fun. I wanted to be engaging consistently. And I also knew I had a lot of advice.

I’d love to share with the people who work insistently, signing up for freebies and getting on my list. Tips about things like growing your business and website tips and all the fun stuff I love talking about, but I just didn’t want to have to come up with something new every single week forever. I wanted things much simpler than that.

So enter in a 20 week email sequence that I wrote in advance and new subscribers get added to it. And they get one email a week comes on the same day, every week, same time. And yes, it’s only 20 weeks right now of getting emails consistently. So after that, they don’t get a weekly email from me anymore.

And I actually have a plan right now, pretty soon to add to it, to make it more emails. So it’s a bit longer, but it did take that to. Off my list while still really serving my audience. So I was able to do quote unquote, like do it once, so to speak to have it work for me, ongoingly. So if email marketing feels like a hamster wheel to you of content creation and you’re exhausted by.

But, you know, you want to connect with your subscribers with a weekly or even biweekly email, whatever works for you. Seriously try this. It’s my little secret. And if you’re one of the 13,000 people on my list, you would likely, never guess that’s not fresh content being written new every single week.

It feels. It’s new content. So, as a new mama with a business to run this item always being done, brings me so much peace to know that those people are being served. So try for yourself. I hope this helps. And Amanda congrats on 100 episodes. That is a huge milestone in our podcast or world. You absolutely rock and I love your podcast.

So thank you for letting me contribute. 

Amanda: Next up, we’re hearing from Erin Haworth, one of my biz besties. And if you have missed episode 10 or episode 20, make sure you go back and listen to both of those episode. 10 is all about how to make for progress on their goals. And episode 20 is making. And it was 20 is all about making sure that you find the right coach for you because there are a lot of business coaches out there.

And that doesn’t mean that they’re all for you. Now, if you haven’t met Erin yet, she is a gold and productivity coach and she helps online entrepreneurs get more done so that they can make more money, have a bigger impact and live their full potential. Let’s go ahead and dive into her. 

Erin Haworth: Hey, it’s Erin Haworth goals, coach and productivity strategists for online entrepreneurs.

My top tip for simplifying your business is to embrace the power of routines and habits. When it comes to your big goals and dreams, basically put achieving your big business goals on autopilot. Achieving your big business goals. Doesn’t happen. Big one-time actions. It’s about making a bit of progress every single day, by breaking your goals down into daily habits.

You’ll not only make progress daily, but you’ll also leverage your limited time, energy and cognitive bandwidth to get better results in the same amount or even less time. And then all of a sudden, you weren’t relying on external motivation or inspiration or fitting your goals into your free time that you can.

Achieving your goals is just part of your daily routine and you end each day, each week, each month, feeling that sense of accomplishment, which in turns pushes you to keep moving. It’s a win-win 

Amanda: next we’re joined by Haylee Gaffin of Gaffin creative. Haylee is a podcast producer and she provides podcasts education for creatives on her own podcast, clocking in with Haylee Gaffin and she joined us on episode 93.

Pretty recently, to talk all about defining your own success.

Haylee Gaffin: Hey, y’all. This is Haylee Gaffin owner and podcast producer over at Gaffin creative. You may have heard me back on episode 93 of chasing simple, and I’m so honored. Amanda has invited me back for the special episode. After nearly 10 years of side hustling, I took my business full-time last year.

One thing that has absolutely been a game changer in my business has been not overthinking or over-complicating the tools I use in my business. I feel like we’re inundate. So many entrepreneurs, pushing tools and resources that they love, but they often don’t all work for our businesses. So my tip to you is to find what works for you and try to not overcomplicate it.

This could mean finding a tool that does everything you need versus trying to connect a dozen different tools. Now, the tools I’m talking about could include your web. Or your CRM, your accounting, your email. If you have a shop on your website, when it comes to all of these different tools, what is actually serving your business and what are you trying to accomplish with these tools?

And when it comes down to it, why are you using these. So I hope that you will Uncomplicate your business and simplify it by using the tools that work best for you. 

Amanda: Next up, we’re joined by Katie Wussow and she is a business coach that helps creatives create business plans with strategic. Actionable steps to actually reach their business dreams.

And funnily enough, that is what she joined us for in episode number 88, translating your business dreams into strategic action plans. So do not miss that one, but for now let’s dive into her tip. 

Katie Wussow: My best advice for keeping your business simple. Isn’t a particular tool, strategy or tactic, but a way of being that you need to adopt.

And when I say you, I definitely mean me too. We can make our businesses more simple by learning to let our businesses besimple. I’m Katie Wussow. And I’ve been working as a business coach for creative entrepreneurs for five years now. And in that time I’ve learned that most creative entrepreneurs are total overachievers.

You work hard, you love what you do. You’re passionate about it, and you’re ready to do what it takes to make your business a success. Your business is important to you and you will put your blood, sweat, and tears into making it what you want it. But unfortunately, that’s part of the problem. We know that building a business is hard work and we’re ready to do that work, but the problem comes into play.

When we are primed to think that something is going to be hard, we tend to look for ways to make it hard. And we think that if it doesn’t feel hard, we must not be doing it right. That’s where a lot of us tend to overcomplicate, overthink and overdue. And I first woke up to this concept by reading Greg McCown’s book called effortless, which I highly recommend.

It’s all about how to make the most important things in your life and in your. Easier. And in the book, he has this amazing quote where he says, we are conditioned over the course of our lifetimes to believe that in order to overachieve, we must also overdue. And as a result, we make things harder for ourselves than they need to be.

And so I think what we really need to do to make our businesses more simple is get better at letting our businesses be simple. And dare I say effortless. So I would encourage you to take a step back, uh, back and ask yourself, where are you trying too hard. In what ways are you doing too much? What are you doing?

Because you think you’re supposed to, and not because you really need to, or there’s, there’s not really a business purpose for you to be doing that. Where is there an opportunity to accomplish more by doing less? What steps or tasks can you eliminate? And where are you putting pressure on yourself to do things that don’t even really need to be done?

You’re just putting extra things on your plate because you really don’t know how to stop overdoing and trying so hard. So for a lot of us, I think the biggest thing standing in the way of simplicity and business is actually us. So let’s learn to let business besimple.

Amanda: Okay, next we’re joined by Kelli White, the owner of Kelli White photography and the she learns video brand as a photographer, Kelli is very passionate about also using videography in her photography business.

And with the she learns video brand, she provides encouraging education for female filmmakers. Kelli joined us back on episode number 56, to talk about how you can use video to set yourself apart with your website, with your content, with your entire brain as a whole. So if you haven’t checked that one out and make sure you do, but for now, let’s see what she has to say today.

Kelli White: Hi Amanda, and all of your wonderful listeners. Thank you so much for having me back on as part of your 100th episode. So happy for you as you celebrate this major milestone. And for everyone listening, my name is Kelli White, and I am a photographer and filmmaker and the creator of she learns video, which is an online educational platform that is encouraging female business owners to create more video content.

So my number one tip for simplifying your business when it comes to video and really getting the most from your video content is to put yourself on screen and consistently use video to share the who and the why behind your business. So I know it can be challenging to get on screen, but it is such a wonderful way to connect with your audience and really build a foundation that encourages them to support you and to buy.

Don’t overthink it as someone who has always been an overthinker slash perfectionist. I know that this can be a really big hurdle to sharing your voice, but the key is to just hit, publish, go live and share your message. The more you do it. I promise the easier it will be. Video can be shared with Instagram reels, with stories, live streams on really any social media platform, YouTube videos, brand videos, and the list goes on.

So just choose a platform or to stay consistent and really start sharing your story. I can’t wait to see how you use video for your business and stay connected with Amanda. As she continues to help all of us simplify our business. 

Amanda: Next we’re joined by Mindy Hancock. Mindy is an anxiety and mindset coach and she guides ambitious women to better their boundaries.

There are people pleasing and their anxiety to live life freely. She’s also the host of the you out loud podcast 

and she joined us back on episode 22 to talk all about owning your. 

Mindy Hancock: Hey there, Mindy Hancock here, mindset and anxiety coach. And I am so excited to be a part of this celebratory 100th episode of the chasing simple podcast. My top tip for simplifying your business is to get your mindset right? When it comes to showing up online, your goals and dreams will never ever happen.

Unless you believe in. So quit worrying about what your grandma, sister, mom, brothers, Susie, from second grade thinks about your Instagram stories, your posts, your reels, your tick talk, whatever they are, the people who will be buying your products and services. So start showing up knowing that your gift and expertise are of huge value and the people who want and need what you have to say will hang around and the ones who.

We’ll leave and that is perfectly fine. You’ve got this and you are insanely worthy of those dreams you have on your heart. So go get on girl. 

Amanda: Next. I’m so excited to share that we’re joined by Shunta Grant, who is the owner of the best today brand and the host of the best today podcast. And with those, she empowers women through community content and products to transform how they plan and live out their days.

Her whole mission is to provide women with a holistic approach to planning so that they can live their best today. One day at a time.

And she joined us back on episode 62 to talk about just that living your best today, but for now, let’s go listen to. 

Shunta Grant: Hi, this is Shunta Grant from best today, where we empower women through community content and products to transform how they plan and live out their days.

I am so excited to share my one tip with you. One tip that I would like to share with you about how you can simplify your business is to go through every single offering that you have, whether it is a digital offering, a physical offering, an experiential. Go through every offering listed out. And connected to your mission.

If you can not connect the thing that you create an offer, and it does not connect to the mission of meaning, why you exist, that is a time for you to simplify your business and better align it by removing, by pruning the things that. No longer make sense, and not only not make sense, but is not connected to your mission.

You want everything that you have, your energy, your resources, your time flowing into, to grow and perpetuate and strengthen your mission. Your mission is the thing that your company is going to do in this earth, in this world, through the people that you do it for and creating products. Creating services, creating experiences that do not align that you can not directly point and connect to your mission are creating chaos in your business disconnect and probably a lot of stress on your end.

So my tip is to simply make a list of every offering that you have, and then write out your mission and make sure you can connect the mission, being fulfilled through the creation of that offering. I hope you enjoyed this tip. And if you’d like to learn more about how I help people to simplify in your life, you can learn more about us at best today.

Amanda: next up we’re joined by Nicole. Boucher a chief operating officer specializing in operations expertise and business management. Nicole is also one half of the fairy godmother duo. That is pixie dust and profits, which is my absolute favorite podcast. , If you haven’t listened to that podcast yet, make sure you go subscribe because it is everything you could ever need. Disney plus small business advice. It is the greatest, but Nicole joined us back on episode 15 for why you should be experimenting and talking all about the perks of being in the early entrepreneurship years and being able to experiment and give you permission essentially.

So make sure you go with some of that one, but for now, let’s see what her tip is for us. 

Nicole Boucher: Hey everyone. I’m Nicole Boucher and I’m a business manager, operations strategist, and I help business owners grow and scale their businesses with smart processes and sustainable systems. So what that means is there was a lot to running a business.

Beyond marketing and getting yourself out there. And the number one thing that I see business owners struggling with, especially we’re in, when they’re in the growth phase, is that they get overwhelmed because they try to do it all at once. You don’t have to write. You really shouldn’t when you think about big businesses, corporations, even middle-sized businesses, they pick strategic objectives that last 1, 2, 3, 5 years, and they work on all of their projects to align to that strategic objective, to meet their goals.

And as entrepreneurs and small business owners, we tend to try to do all of those goals at the same time, leaving half finished projects and half accomplished goals all over the floor in our wake. But I really suggest that you do is that you really evaluate your biggest challenges and priorities. That way you can work on the most important things.

First, my favorite tool is a benefit effort chart, and I like to map how much effort is this going to take effort is, you know, time, money, resources. Even how much energy personally, you’re going to have to put into that project and the benefit. Well, it could be monetary, but it could also be a time-saving benefit or a customer satisfaction benefit.

You get to choose that scales. Going look at a benefit effort chart and decide where your projects place is this important right now, or is it something that I should table for later when you start getting clear on those projects, it can trickle down to everything that you do, and you can really gain momentum instead of spinning a dozen plates at the same time.

I hope that tip was helpful. And to find me, you can find me at N Bouschet that’s N B O U C H E r.com. 

Amanda: For our next tip. We’re joined by Shioban Jones, who is a writing mentor, and she helps creatives plan write and publish their very first book. She joined us back on episode number 75, all about making time for your creative outlet.

If you have not listened to that one, I highly recommend, I know I struggle with this working hard on it, trying to make time for a creative outlet. That’s not my business, but this is one that I highly recommend that you go listen to. And for now let’s dive into her. 

Sioban Jones: Hi, I’m Sioban Jones writing, mentor, self publishing, coach Kat and coffee lover.

I’m the CEO of the unlocked, creative and host of the unlocked creative podcast. If you’re ready to write self-publish and get your book into the world, I’m your girl. I top tip for creative entrepreneurs. Is this write your business. Before you roll your eyes girl and say, I don’t have enough time. I want you to know that I have a day job run a business run and am mum.

And of course I host the podcast and I published my book in under three months. It can be done if you truly prioritize it, here are the reasons writing your book will simplify your busy. First your book will have bits of your story that can help others to connect with you, to help your clients know like, and trust you as a credible authority in your area of expertise.

It’s a simple and genuine way of connecting with your clients. Second, your message is always on your book is evergreen. It sits there on Amazon and you can own simple passive. Third, you can repurpose what’s in your book into other formats, like a podcast, episode, blog posts, or even short quotes for social media.

Your business book can simplify your content creation. Go ahead and use Amanda’s batching approach to do this because you value what Amanda does as much as I do. I’m giving you a great discount off the writer unlocked course to help you write and finish your first book draft, head to the unlocked creative.com select courses and go to the writer unlocked. 

At checkout, enter the code: simplify. My hope is that you go ahead and make 20, 22 the year that you write and publish your business book and simplify your business. 

Amanda: Next up, we’re going to hear from Kary Roberts. Kary is an online business manager and she owns the agency Kari & co, which helps coaches and consultants quiet the noise and find a simple path to success with systems and strategy.

And if you haven’t checked out episode 41, yet Kari joined me to talk about what every side hustler needs to know. So do not miss that.

Kari Roberts: Amanda. Congratulations on hitting the hunter episode, mark for your podcast. This is glorious. I’m so excited for you. I just want to introduce myself. I’m Kari Roberts. I’m the owner and CEO of Kari and company, which is an online business management and virtual assistant agency for online coaches and creatives.

And my number one tip to help you keep things simple in your business is to literally do just that. When you are embarking on repeatable systems and processes just only do the things that need to get done for you to get that process done. Don’t look and see what everybody else is doing. Don’t go sign up for the latest, greatest software that everybody’s talking about.

Don’t move all of your CRM to someone else’s because they said it’s great. Be comfortable doing what works with you, and then just leave out all the fluff bonus points. If you want to take a minute and write those steps down for future reference. But for now, I would say cut the fluff, keep to the basics.

As you are creating those systems in your business. 

Amanda: Next up, we’re joined by Alexis Campbell, who is a print and web designer, and she owns Lex creative studios, which helps service based businesses be more profitable through strategic design and money-making websites. And Alexis did the branding for my second business, magical escape, vacations and it is gorgeous. I contribute so much of the quick success that, that, that business has had to branding, because it is absolutely amazing. Highly recommend that if you need new branding that you go hire Alexis.. 

Alexis Campbell: Hey, my name is Alexis Campbell and I am the brand designer and creative director behind Lex’s creative studios and studio.

I help women leaders and service providers achieve personality driven, but still high converting brands and websites so they can have more time and life freedom. My number one tip for simplifying your business is if you can, every quarter, or at least at the top of every year, have a very strategic brand photo session.

This is not your regular headshot. So you want to take your time and really think through all the content that you need to make to support your offers, your freebies, and really just show your personality so that you can easily attract your ideal clients. If you do this at the top of the year, or at least once a quarter, you’ll be able to save time and we’ll have to stop and plan a shoot every other week, or try to find old pictures or, you know, scurry around and try to find your photographer.

Try to find your wardrobe and book everything last minute. No. Already done and you can easily source the images you’ll need for all of the visuals to make your content, to do your pitches, to do all the things that you need photos for throughout the year. So my tip is to do it once a year at the top of the year or every quarter.

If you can go ahead and knock out all the photos that you’ll need to promote your services, your offers, and create your content for the year. 

Amanda: And finally, I have my tip for you. Really truly the best tip I can give you for simplifying your business is to batch your content. Batching your content sounds very overwhelming at first, and I get it.

It is a lot to take on any new routine is, but once your batching your content consistently, and you’re consistently marketing your business, you’re going to be getting new leads essentially on autopilot. That is really how I have made the space in my business to be able to grow it, to offer. One-to-one packages to create a membership community, to build a second business.

I could not have done any of that. If I was so stuck on the content creation hamster wheel. So my number one tip for simplifying for you is to batch your car. And this week’s action step is to go back and check out any of those episodes that you’ve missed. I am so, so grateful that you are here for this 100th episode celebration.

I am in awe. This is truly happening right now. Uh, I’m just so excited. I’m so grateful to all of these guests and all of the other ones that have come on the show and weren’t able to be part of this episode for one reason or another. I’m so thankful to all of you for listening. This has just been. The most fabulous ride.

So go check out any of those episodes that you’ve missed with these guests, because they’re all amazing. And your book recommendation for this week is golden girl by Ellen Hildebrand. Quick summary, mom dies in a hit and run, but she gets to watch over her kids who are almost basically grown. Most of them are adults.

She gets to watch over them from the beyond, and she gets to like a very like. Three months, six months. I think that a limited period of time to be able to do that. And she gets three nudges where she can kind of nudge the outcome of something. It’s a phenomenal book. Super well-written really thought provoking, highly, highly recommend.

And that is golden girl by Elan Hildebrand. I will link to it, the show notes. Thank you again, my friend for joining me for this 100th episode celebration, I am so grateful for you.

Thank you so much for joining me here today, friend, if you loved this episode, it would mean the world to me. If you’d leave a rating and review, this is a great way to help spread the word about this podcast. Other wonderful women like yourself, find it. You can find this episode, show notes as well as tons of other great resources over@amandawarfield.com.

And if you aren’t following me on Instagram yet, I’d love to connect with you over there. I’m at Mrs. Amanda Warfield. Shoot me a DM and tell me what you love most about this episode. Thanks for being here, friend. I’ll see you next time.

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