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Nadine Nethery, an expert on messaging, is helping us increase sales by diving into who our audience is and what they need from us.

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Increasing Sales By Getting To Know Your Audience One of the most frequently asked questions in my annual survey is – how do I find and get to know my audience? Which, is valid, because understanding your audience is one of – if not THE- most important part of marketing. If you don’t understand your […]

Episode 199: Increase Sales by Getting to Know Your Audience with Nadine Nethery

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Consistency in Marketing from the Shoot It Straight Podcast This week’s episode is something extra fun and special. We are going to be airing an episode, a guest episode that I actually did on another podcast, the Shoot It Straight podcast with Sabrina Gebhardt, which if you’re a photographer, you need to be listening to […]

Episode 192: Consistency in Marketing from the Shoot It Straight Podcast

Content Marketing

A guest episode from the podcast, the Shoot It Straight with Sabrina Gebhardt, where I talk about consistency in marketing.

Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned From Taylor Swift It’s probably surprising to no one that I’m a huge Swifty. I have been since I played debut on repeat for months in my dad’s truck as he took me to and picked me up from school each day in 8th and 9th grade. I saw Taylor live […]

Episode 184: 5 Marketing Lessons from Taylor Swift

Content Marketing

It fascinates me to watch Taylor Swift run her business, and I’ve picked up quite a few marketing lessons along the way.

Recession-Proof Your Business With Accessible Offers It’s no secret that spending habits have shifted dramatically in the last three years. If you saw record high sales in 2020, you’re likely not experiencing those same numbers today. Business owner after business owner has mentioned to me that they’re worried about their numbers being down, and we’re […]

Take a BTS peek into my own recession-proof strategy for 2023 and beyond by creating accessible products and offers.

Automating Black Friday Sales Black Friday sales – you either love them or hate them as a business owner. I had quite a few clients this year tell me they didn’t want to even do anything for Black Friday, because they just wanted to be present and not worry about work. Which I am 100% […]

Episode 133: How I’m Automating My Black Friday Marketing and Sales to Take Time Off


Automating Black Friday sales allows you greater ease during the busy holiday season, while still allowing for growth, sales, and connection.

Serial Entrepreneur: A Case Study in Starting a Second Business A little over a year ago, at the time of recording this episode, I started my second business – Magical Escape Vacations, and joined the ranks for many other serial entrepreneurs. And in that year, I’ve learned a LOT as a business owner. I’ve had […]

Episode 128: A Case Study on Starting a Second Business


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