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Today, I wanted to share with you what I think the fastest path to six figures is so that you can adjust your own strategy going forward.

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Your Fastest Path To Six Figures It’s common in the online space for us to use six-figures as the “made it” goal. AKA, when we’ve hit six-figures in revenue in a calendar year, we’ve officially become a real business owner. And while I actually think that metric is arbitrary, and the sentiment is a bit […]

Episode 213: Your Fastest Path to Six Figures

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How to DIY Your Website with Kate Hejde When I’m looking for a service, the website truly makes or breaks whether or not I’ll take the next step with a company. However, when we’re busy with the day to day of our business, it can be difficult to find the time to work on our […]

Episode 211: How to DIY Your Website So It Sells Your Services with Kate Hejde


Kate Hejde is on a mission to help you launch a website you're proud of and can help you sell your services effortlessly!

Increasing Sales By Getting To Know Your Audience One of the most frequently asked questions in my annual survey is – how do I find and get to know my audience? Which, is valid, because understanding your audience is one of – if not THE- most important part of marketing. If you don’t understand your […]

Episode 199: Increase Sales by Getting to Know Your Audience with Nadine Nethery


Nadine Nethery, an expert on messaging, is helping us increase sales by diving into who our audience is and what they need from us.

January Recap of the Creative Educator Conference Last month I had the incredible privilege to be able to attend two very different conferences – one as an attendee (the Creative Educator Conference), and the other as an educator (Conquer Live). Both of these experiences were nothing short of amazing, and I am still on cloud […]

My recap of two amazing conferences I went to this past January, including the Creative Educator Conference.

Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned From Taylor Swift It’s probably surprising to no one that I’m a huge Swifty. I have been since I played debut on repeat for months in my dad’s truck as he took me to and picked me up from school each day in 8th and 9th grade. I saw Taylor live […]

Episode 184: 5 Marketing Lessons from Taylor Swift

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It fascinates me to watch Taylor Swift run her business, and I’ve picked up quite a few marketing lessons along the way.

Recession-Proof Your Business With Accessible Offers It’s no secret that spending habits have shifted dramatically in the last three years. If you saw record high sales in 2020, you’re likely not experiencing those same numbers today. Business owner after business owner has mentioned to me that they’re worried about their numbers being down, and we’re […]

Episode 181: Recession-Proof Your Business with Accessible Offers


Take a BTS peek into my own recession-proof strategy for 2023 and beyond by creating accessible products and offers.

Sustainable Business Management Because you’re tuned into this podcast, I know that you want to see more simplicity in your life and business. I mean, why else would you download a business episode from a podcast called Chasing Simple, right? But maybe simplicity and sustainability sound great in theory, but are hard for you to […]

Sustainable business management isn't hard - here's Sabrina Gebhardt, a lifestyle photographer, with tips and tricks to get you started.