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On this week's episode, let Joy Michelle tell you how to make your hobby into a business and build a life that you love!

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How To Make How To Make A Hobby Into a Business with Joy Michelle I’m really glad you’re here because today’s conversation is such an important one. We’ve all heard the statistics about how the majority of businesses fail by year 5, and I don’t want that for any of us in this business sphere. […]

Episode 152: Building Strong Roots for Your Business with Joy Michelle

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Smart Goal Setting with Bree Pair It’s that time of year again – goal planners are filled up, our excitement for our businesses is at an all-time high, we’re rested from a nice break, and we can’t wait to jump into achieving all the things. But, be honest with me, you know how this cycle […]

Episode 142: Purposeful and Sustainable Goal Setting with Bree Pair


Smart Goal Setting. Bree Pair shows how to set purposeful and sustainable goals for the upcoming year so we no longer suffer extreme burnout.

New Year Small Business Checklist Last week, in episode 137, I walked you through exactly how I spend December closing out the year and preparing for a new year ahead. If you haven’t listened to that episode, pause this one, because 137 is a precursor to what we’re talking about today. So go listen to […]

Episode 138: New Year Prep (Yearly Workflow Part 2)


Start 2023 off right with a New Year Small Business Checklist so you can organize all the tasks you need to achieve your goals.

End of Year Business Checklist In 2022, I took 12 weeks off, went to 4 conferences, took 8 vacations, etc. And still am on track to hit my revenue goal … which is double what it was last year. And while there are so many different reasons as to why anyone does or doesn’t hit […]

A end of year business checklist to help you close out 2022 strong, prepare your business for 2023 and get super clear about your goals.

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